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Captain Ali Is The Captain Of The Ship | Riddle That Will Test Your Observation Skills

Here is the 'Captain Ali is the captain of the ship' riddle that is trending on Whatsapp and social media. This riddle will test your observation skills.

captain ali is the captain of the ship

Due to the extended lockdown, most people are cooped up inside their homes with nothing to do during their free time. Many have now started solving puzzles and riddles during the COVID-19 pandemic. Solving riddles/puzzles can help you stay sharp during the pandemic. Moreover, these riddles also keep you occupied during the lockdown and solving them can help you improve your logical thinking. Here is the "Captain Ali is the captain of the ship" riddle, that is currently trending on Whatsapp and social media. 

Captain Ali is the captain of the ship

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The riddle goes as follows, "Captain Ali is the captain of the ship. The captain of the ship is Captain Ali. What is the name of the ship. Guess the name of the ship." This riddle can be rather confusing at first glance. However, this riddle is a perfect test of your observation skills, your creative thinking, and your grammatical skills. Here is a hint, do not get confused by the two sentences repeating Captain Ali's name. Captain Ali has nothing to do with the ship's name. Also, pay attention to the grammatical errors in the riddle. 

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Check the answer for 'Captain Ali is the captain of the ship' riddle

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The name of the ship is "What". Look carefully at the third sentence of the riddle. "What is the name of the ship", is not written as a question and is actually a sentence that is literally telling you the name of the ship. Even though there is no question mark, people still perceive it as a question and never realise that it is actually the answer to the riddle. This riddle is great for testing your observation skills. Moreover, it also tests your grammatical knowledge and awareness. 

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