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Scale of destruction surveyed as earthquake in Japan shifts land by 1.3m 

Japan’s Geospatial Information Authority (GSI) discovered 1.3 shift of the land in Noto region, as well as westward shift measuring about 1m in Anamizu town.

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A destroyed house after the powerful earthquake jolted Japan. | Image:AP

The powerful and destructive 7.6 magnitude earthquake in Japan has resulted in one of the biggest shift of land at an observation point in Wajima City, Ishikawa region. As the authorities surveyed the widespread destruction, Japan’s Geospatial Information Authority (GSI) discovered the 1.3 shift of the land in Noto region, as well as a westward shift measuring about 1m in Anamizu town, and 80 cm in Suzu city. Heavily buckled roads were surveyed via helicopters as nearly 45,700 homes were left without power.

Effect of the earthquake that hit Central Japan today: roads cracking and pavements rising.#JapanEarthquake #earthquake #Tsunami #Japan #BREAKING_NEWS

— Dr.Zohaib Malik (@_zabiiii) January 1, 2024

Some of the Footage coming out of Japan following the 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake which Struck the Country earlier this morning is Insane and truly shows the Power of Geological Forces on this Planet.

— OSINTdefender (@sentdefender) January 1, 2024


Look at the Bridge movement… it’s horrible but still standing
That’s how corruption free infrastructure look like #earthquake #Japan #JapanEarthquake 
#Terremoto #Tsunami


Terrible footage coming as the Earthquake hits Japan #Japan #JapanEarthquake #Tsunami

— Yamaan Shahid  (@realYamaan) January 2, 2024

As many as 500 people were stranded at the airport in Wajima city. Some were forced to shelter in the rental cars and buses. Among those stranded was Georgia's ambassador to Japan who said in a post that he spent a night on a bullet train that was halted as a result of the earthquake. 


#Earthquake hits Wajima City, causing significant damage and a large fire near Iroha Bridge's Kawai side#JapanEarthquake #Japan

— Surajit (@surajit_ghosh2) January 2, 2024

 The scale of damages from the quake became clearer on Jan. 2, showing rows of homes collapsed, cars overturned, residential infrastructure collapsed, and uprooted trees blocking the roads and passages, hindering the rescue efforts. As the buildings and road concrete spread crumbled, the weather forecasters predicted rainfall that could further elevate the recovery and rescue. The death toll has spiked to 30, while seven others among dozens were reported injured.

Japan started the new year with a 7.6 magnitude earthquake and many aftershocks 😞.

The earthquake occurred in Noto/Ishikawa at 10:24 Japan time. A tsunami alert was issued in coastal areas.

Shocking !! 🚨 #TheLordJudgesSin

— Julius 🇰🇪 (@J_Kikwai) January 2, 2024

Scary scenes at #Japan 🙂

Sending thoughts and prayers to the people of #Japan as they face the challenges of a tsunami and earthquake. 
May they find strength and protection during this difficult time. 🙏#JapanEarthquake #Japon#จดหมายปรีดี

— Deeksha. (@CrickettFanGirl) January 2, 2024

Japan's meteorological agency lifted all tsunami alerts on Monday that were activated as far as eastern Russian island of Sakhalin. The agency announced on its website that it has deactivated all tsunami alerts that were previously downgraded to the advisories along the Sea of Japan after a powerful 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit the East Asian country, Japanese public broadcaster NHK reported.

Recovery most difficult in northern tip of Ishikawa's Noto peninsula

Japan's Prime Minister Kishida, during a press conference revealed that over 1,000 members of the self-defence forces have been dispatched to the scenes of heavy damage. The troops, he added, are assisting the police and firefighting personnel. "The search and rescue of those impacted by the quake is a battle against time," Kishida said during an emergency disaster meeting that was broadcast on state television. 

Please pray for the people of Japan , during this tough time in which they are experiencing a Tsunami and earthquake.
May God protect them #Japan #earthquake #Tsunami

— Nasreen Ebrahim (@EbrahimNasreen) January 2, 2024

"We must rescue them as quickly as possible, especially those who are trapped under collapsed structures,” he continued to add. Japanese Prime Minister Kishida said that the earthquake started many fires and that the recovery effort was difficult particularly in the the northern tip of Ishikawa's Noto peninsula as the roads were heavily damaged.


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