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'Cancel your bhajan-puja or else': Kali Mata Temple In Australia's Melbourne Threatened Over Hosting Religious Programmes

A Hindu temple in Melbourne fell victim to shocking threats, as several other temples in the city were also allegedly targetted by Khalistani supporters.

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Deeksha Sharma


A Hindu temple in Melbourne fell victim to shocking threats, as several other temples in the Australian city were also allegedly targetted and covered with anti-Hindu graffiti by Khalistani supporters. Three weeks ago, the management of the Kali Mata Mandir in the suburb of Craigieburn was preparing for an upcoming religious programme at the place of worship when the priestess attended a phone call that left her horrified.

According to The Australia Today, the temple's priestess Bhawna revealed that she had received a phone call from an unidentified caller who threatened her to not hold a puja programme slated for March 4. “I thought the group of students studying in a nearby university got late and now want to know if they can still make it," she recalled in a conversation with the outlet, adding that she then proceeded to ask the caller his identity.

“He questioned, are you doing a bhajan evening with an Indian singer named Kanhiya Mittal?” she said, adding that she thought a sponsor had called to offer help in the programme. “You listen carefully, cancel your singers bhajan-puja programme otherwise get ready to face consequences," the caller said, according to Bhawna, who was left "stunned" by what she had heard. 

Priestess recalls the shocking phone call 

She then told the anonymous caller, “Bhai ji, we have been preparing for it for the last few months, have spent so much money with support from our devotees, we can’t cancel it.” “Do you know your singer is a staunch Hindu, If he comes, a fight is sure at the temple," the caller said.

“I pleaded with him, bhai ji this is Ma Kali’s (Hindu Goddess Kali) place even Guru Maharaj (Guru Govind Singh) used to pray to her, why would someone come and fight here," she told him. The priestess recalled that the caller then said that his job was to "warn" her, and if she doesn't listen, "We will show you what we can do."

Fear took over the priestess after the call ended, and the only thing that made it worse were the attacks on Hindu temples that followed. “Next couple of days were very tough as we came across the news of three Hindu temples vandalised with anti-hindu graffiti by Khalistan supporters," she said. As per the Australia Today, Bhawna filed a complaint at Craigieburn Police station and a sergeant assured her that the temple will be monitored on the day of the occasion. 

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