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Brazil protests: Lula vows to punish Congress invaders; 'Acts of vandals and fascists'

Brazil's President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has vowed to punish congress invaders, the supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, the country's ex-leader.

Reported by: Saumya Joshi
Brazil Protests
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Brazil's President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has vowed to punish Congress invaders, the alleged supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, the country's ex-leader, reported BBC. Jair Bolsonaro's supporters stormed Congress, the Supreme Court, and the presidential palace on Sunday after refusing to accept the defeat, reported Associated Press.

The protestors were in thousands who bypassed security barricades, climbed on roofs, smashed windows, and invaded all three buildings, reported AP. Some protestors had called for a military intervention to either restore the far-right Bolsonaro to power or oust Lula from the presidency.

Punish Congress invaders: Lula 

The demonstrations have been condemned by Brazil's President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, commonly, known as Lula. While condemning the protests, he said there was "no precedent in the history of our country" for the scenes seen in Brasilia and called the violence the "acts of vandals and fascists", reported BBC. He also blamed security forces and accused them of "incompetence, bad faith or malice" in the failure to contain the protestors from damaging government property. 

Lula said, "You will see in the images that they (police officers) are guiding people on the walk to Praca dos Tres Powers," He  Further added, "We are going to find out who are the financiers of these vandals who went to Brasilia and they will all pay with the force of law," reported BBC. 

Taking to social media, Brazil's President Lula wrote, "It is the DF police who have to do security in the DF, who did not. Due to the incompetence and bad faith of the people who take care of the security of the DF. 

While condemning the protests, he further wrote, " They took advantage of the silence on Sunday, when we are still setting up the government, to do what they did. And you know that there are several speeches by the former president encouraging this. And this is also his responsibility and the parties that supported him." 

In the current unrest in the capital Brasilia, the police regained control of the area and the buildings on Sunday (evening). Moreover, to control the riot-like situation, Lula ordered the closure of the center of the capital for 24 hours. Some 200 people have already been arrested, shared Justice Minister Flavio Dino to local media, reported BBC. 


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