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China claims 'US paying $1000 per news article' to slander its BRI in Zimbabwe

In response to the report stating the US plan to ‘discredit’ Chinese investments in Zimbabwe, Beijing has called on Washington to ‘respect’ African people. 

Aanchal Nigam
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In response to the report detailing the US plan to ‘discredit’ the Chinese investments in Zimbabwe, Beijing has called on Washington to do more practical work for African people and “show respect.”

According to China's state media Global Times, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Friday, October 15, said that the international communities including the African nations have a clear understanding of the massive false information spread by the US. 

Zhao’s remarks came after Zimbabwe's newspaper, The Herald, claimed in a report on September 21 that Washington is funding and even training local reporters to write anti-China stories in a bid to smear the Chinese investments. It added that the strategy was a part of an “intricate pan” that involves other European and Nordic nations along with Africa.

The Herald has claimed that the plan to discredit the Chinese businesses include “disinformation, lies, and sensationalism in the independent media and social platforms.”

In another massive allegation, the report said that each story that portrays the Chinese business as “unethical, reckless, without values” would get a $1,000 reward from the United States. Reacting to the report, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that $1,000 can help fund a poor student in Zimbabwe or even buy at least 100 doses of COVID vaccine. Zhao called the issue a “serious matter” if the United States government is indeed hiring an “army” to spread rumours.

Global Times, which is considered the mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), quoted Zhao as saying that the US has now resorted to extreme measures to discredit China and even damage the relations between China-Africa, paying money to spread lies.

The report also stated, "If you don’t compare, you know nothing; but the moment you know, you will be shocked. China urges the US to show respect for African people, and play a constructive role in Africa's economic recovery and development."

China planning to ban on private sector investment in media

Meanwhile, in China, CCP is mulling to add private sector investment in media organisations to a list of ‘banned investments.’ As per the Radio Free Asia report, the proposed measure has been posted on the Xi Jinping-led Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) website, stating that the State Development Reform Commission (SDRC) is ‘soliciting public opinion’ on adding private sector investment in media organisations to the list of banned investments in the country. The move has already drawn criticism by China-based commentators, who term it as 'thorough brainwashing.'



Published October 15th, 2021 at 18:22 IST

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