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China: Residents' suffering ramps up as Shanghai reels under worsening COVID-19 situation

China is dealing with the worst COVID-19 situation since the outbreak began, forcing millions of people under lockdown and burdening the healthcare system.

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China is dealing with the worst COVID-19 situation since the outbreak began in 2020, forcing millions of people under lockdown and putting a strain on the healthcare system. According to the National Health Commission, 1,500 new locally transmitted confirmed coronavirus cases were reported on the Chinese mainland in the last 24 hours on Wednesday. Out of these, 1,189 were reported alone in Shanghai - the worst affected city in China. With this, the total positive cases have reached 14,473 in the city. China, one of the last countries to adhere to a zero-COVID policy, strives to eradicate all infections through stringent lockdowns and the transfer of all cases to secure facilities. 

In Shanghai, China's biggest city, people are left with no option but to suffer as a result of stringent COVID-19 restrictions. Many citizens in the city have been reporting stories of despair, with a number of them complaining about a lack of food, medicine, and other necessities. However, Some residents in the city were permitted to leave their homes as the metropolis of 25 million people eased a two-week-old curfew on Tuesday. According to the administration, certain markets and pharmacies will reopen as well. This comes after images circulated online purporting to show people who were out of food bursting into a supermarket and yelling for help.  

Shangai residents enraged by government's unplanned COVID measures

The population was enraged by the sudden closure of most businesses and orders to stay at home amid the lack of food and medicine. People who test positive for the virus are housed in large, temporary quarantine facilities that have been condemned as overcrowded and unhygienic by many people in the city. Shanghai residents have also been seen screaming from their windows about the severe COVID lockdown procedures that prevent them from leaving their homes even for food. Several videos have been posted on social media showing the grim situation of people in the city. 

People expose China's heavy-handed approach to COVID crisis

A video has been shared on Twitter wherein residents in the city can be seen going to their balconies to sing and protest about the lack of supplies. Many people are using social media to expose China's heavy-handed approach to the COVID crisis. The unpopular policy of removing afflicted children from their virus-free parents also sparked a rare outpouring of public outrage this week. However, this rule has been softened now. Meanwhile, a pet dog was beaten to death by a health worker in Shanghai, sparking outrage online and revealing the mounting frustrations of residents trapped in China's COVID-19 hotspot.

China uses drones to make public announcements related to lockdowns

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has also been using drones for making public announcements on COVID-19 lockdowns. The black dog-like robot has amused people by making crucial health-related announcements and reminding locals about COVID regulations. 

China asks US to refrain from criticising Beijing's anti-COVID policies

Earlier on Tuesday, China also asked the United States to refrain from criticizing Beijing's anti-COVID policies. Speaking at a regular press briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian stated that Beijing is absolutely against the United States politicising the evacuation issue. This comes after the US State Department ordered non-essential US government employees to leave the embassy in Shanghai amid an increase in COVID cases and China's steps to control the virus, the Global Times reported.

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Published April 13th, 2022 at 19:42 IST

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