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Chinese Stooge Shares Deepfake Video Of Trump And Pompeo Singing 'I Love China'

Amid tensed relations between America and China, Editor-in-chief of CCP mouthpiece Global Times has made fun of US President Donald Trump & Mike Pompeo.


Amid tensed relations between America and China instigated by the Coronavirus pandemic among other issues, Editor-in-chief of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) mouthpiece Global Times has made fun of US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Taking to Twitter, Hu Xijin shared a video made by 'Chinese netizens' where they have 'lip-synced' Trump and Pompeo to a Chinese patriotic song "I Love You, China".

'I Love you, China'

"The mouth actions are so perfect, even the expression is so fit," the Chinese stooge said.

The Global Times Editor had earlier taken a dig at Donald Trump after the Republican National Convention formally re-nominated him as the party's presidential candidate for the November 3 election. China's state-owned media stooge said that the US democracy is going "awry" as it is letting "two old men" compete for the most important position in the US.

'US democracy is going awry'

The stooge said that the average age of Trump (74) and Biden (78) is 76 and four years later, their average age will be 80 which will be higher than average life expectancy in the US, which is 78.6. In July, he had said that these two "old men" cannot be the best candidate for the US Presidency, but the US system cannot select the "most suitable people."

The China issue has become a leading election year topic as Trump and Biden each attempt to paint the other as weak in the face of aggressive moves from Beijing. Meanwhile, several netizens slammed the Chinese stooge for resorting to "cheap and unethical" means to show his frustration.

Netizens slam the Chinese stooge

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