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People in China throw out pets from apartments over coronavirus spread fears

Chinese are mercilessly hurling their pets to death from the high rise windows and tower blocks stories on to the streets over speculations of misinformation.

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Pets are reportedly being tossed from multi-storey buildings by the owners in China over the erroneous assumption of the Coronavirus contagion. Several images of cats and dogs being mercilessly thrown from the tower blocks on to the streets have surfaced over speculations of misinformation circulated amongst people, suggest reports.

According to the reports, the roads in China are witnessing several corpses of animals hurled to their deaths laying around over rumours that the pets were carrying the deadly 2019-nCoV virus. A little French Bulldog was reportedly thrown to his death in the Heyuan Guohe Garden area of Tianjin City, Hubei province where the virus originated.

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Reports state that the panicked dog was thrown from the upper floor of a tower block early morning at 4 am as he smashed the sunroof of a car ending up on the ground dead. Locals told the reports that the pet was so intensely hurled that it sounded like a tyre explosion, waking the neighbourhood. The dog was reportedly discovered in bloodstains on the road by the on-lookers.

Series of shocking incidences of brutal animal killings

Police have reportedly not identified the owner as the focus shifted to the complainant, the car owner, who filed for compensation for the damage done to his car. Separate reports state five cats were killed by an owner in the city of Shanghai as their bodies, smeared in blood and grave injury to the head, were recovered by the side of the road.

The series of shocking incidences of brutal animal killings openly on the streets of China was reportedly after a Chinese doctor, Li Lanjuan reportedly declared on the Chinese State TV that the pets must be quarantined in case of contact with a human depicting flu-like symptoms, and a local media outlet that misinformed that dogs and cats spread coronavirus.

The World Health Organization had emphasized in the media on Wednesday that it wasn't verified if the pets, such as cats and dogs can, in fact, spread the novel coronavirus. Keith Guo, PETA Asia press officer for China told the media that the owners that murdered the animals in cold blood must be located by the police immediately. He added that the filthy omnivores live animal markets, slaughterhouses, and factory farms in China threatened the health of individuals as it provided a breeding ground for life-threatening diseases like coronavirus, SARS, bird flu, and more.

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