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Climate Activists Splash Soup at Mona Lisa Painting in Paris: WATCH

Two women were spotted evading the security barrier and getting in close proximity to the painting. Then, they hurled the soup at artwork.

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Protesters splash soup at Mosa Lisa painting. | Image:X

At least two climate activists on Sunday splashed soup on the world-famous Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “La Gioconda” [Mona Lisa] in the Louvre Museum, Paris. The environmental protesters were calling for the “healthy and sustainable food” as they hurled red soup on the iconic painting, sparking criticism globally.

The art was protected by a bulletproof glass, and appears to be undamaged. In the footages that emerged online, two women were spotted evading the security barrier and getting in close proximity to the painting. They chanted slogans, ”our farming system is sick” as they threw soup on the artwork of Leonardo da Vinci. The two protesters were reportedly aged 24 and 63, and attempted to tarnish the artwork as part of their "new campaign” as they demanded the establishment of “sustainable food social security.”


Environmental activists in Paris poured soup on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting “La Gioconda” (“Mona Lisa”) in the Louvre Museum.

The painting was protected by thick armored glass. 

"What is more important? Art or the right to a healthy and organic diet?" the activists…

— Anton Gerashchenko (@Gerashchenko_en) January 28, 2024

'What's the most important thing? Art or healthy and sustainable food?'

The museum visitors were aghast as the protesters attempted to spoil the painting, and climbed under the barrier in front of the work. They held their right hand up in a salute-like gesture. The climate demonstrators were donning t-shirt of Riposte Alimentaire, or the ‘food response’ that refers to a climate activist group. "What's the most important thing?" the women can be heard yelling. ”Art, or right to healthy and sustainable food? Our farming system is sick, our farmers are dying at work.” The security officers rushed to the painting with black screens in an effort to hide the splattered soup from public view and asked the crowd to immediately exit the room.

The incident unfolded amid the French farmers protests, who have been using their tractors for days to set up blockades and slow traffic demanding security to their jobs, better pay and revenue for their produce. Infuriated farmers are protesting against the price pressures, taxes and green regulation grievances—woes that they say are shared across farming communities across all of Europe. Grieved farmers drove their tractors across the major cities in France, as the protests flared to neighbouring Poland over the “unfair” competition from Ukraine. As demonstrations turned intense, a farmer and her daughter were killed after a car crashed into a protest barricade in the southwest of France.


Published January 28th, 2024 at 19:00 IST

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