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Economic Crisis, Great Flood, Spiritual Awakening: From Baba Vanga to Osho, top predictions for 2024

For years, several predictions by top psychics have captured people's imagination. So, what does the future actually hold? Find out

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How will 2024 look? Top predictions
How will 2024 look? Top predictions | Image:Republic

2024 Predictions by Baba Vanga, Osho, Nostradamus: The future looks grim. At least, that is what top pyschics like Baba Vanga and Nostradamus have predicted for 2024. From a 'great flood' in the start of the year to the fall of a strong nation, 2024 is set for a roller coaster ride. However, not all predictions are dark. For example, Osho has predicted that 2024 will be a year of spiritual awakening. For years, several predictions by top psychics have captured people's imagination. So, what does the future actually hold?

1. Political Turmoil

If celebrity psychic Uri Geller's prediction is to be believed, a rich and powerful nation will collapse in the first six months of 2024. Which civilisation will not stand the test of time? Will existing boundaries be re-defined? Everything will be revealed in time.

2. Artificial Intelligence takes over

From Chat GPT to deepfakes, the buzz all round the year has been on Artificial Intelligence. With two major elections in US and India next year, deepfakes and other AI innovations will play a bigger role than before. While world leaders believe that AI has the power to challenge democratically-elected governments, they have also acknowledged the  transformatory nature of AI. In the backdrop of these developments, tech visionary Sylvia Browne has predicted AI's mercurial rise -- to the extent, that it will blur the lines between the virtual and the real world!

3. Climate Upheaval

It is no secret that the world is witnessing harsher weather conditions with every passing year. With floods, forest fires and earthquakes on the rise, the world is delicately poised. According to the 16th century French astrologer Michel Nostradamus, there will be a "great flood" in the beginning of the year,

4. Economic Collapse

As the world economy experiences slowdown, famous numerologist Terry Cole-Whittaker's prediction should serve as a warning for all investors. Whittaker expects a tough summer where the economy will experience turbulence and tectonic shifts. Will banks collapse and a new system emerge? Only time will tell.

5. Exciting Space Discoveries

Celebrity pyschic Shirley Maclaine expects a major breakthrough in the first half of 2024. Are we this close to finding life outside earth? Let's see.

6. Spiritual Revolution

Even in dark times, mystic Osho has predicted a growing interest in spirituality -- meditation, spiritual inquisitiveness and awakening will be on the rise.

7. Assassination of Vladimir Putin

After nearly two years of war with Ukraine, the Russian President might meet a fatal end. At least that is what the famous clairvoyant Baba Vanga had predicted. After several failed attempts on Putin reportedly, will 2024 finally be his last?


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