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Elon Musk reacts as thousands join ‘1 Million March 4 Children’ demonstration in Canada

According to the organisers, the primary purpose of these demonstrations is to advocate for the elimination of sexual orientation and gender identity curriculum

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Elon Musk million march 4 children
Hundreds of demonstrators as well as counter-protesters filled public squares and streets in a 'Million March 4 Children' demonstration across Canada | Image: AP/X | Image:self

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, also the owner of the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), has stirred up debates over LGBTQ+ rights and school curriculums with his retweet of a video showcasing protests in Canada. Musk added a simple "wow" to his retweet.

The video shared by Musk highlighted demonstrations taking place in various Canadian cities, with thousands of parents and children rallying against what they perceive as explicit sexual content and radical gender ideology in schools. The protest, called the "1 Million March 4 Children," took place in multiple cities across Canada.

The video, shared by Musk was captioned, “Scenes from Ottawa right now where thousands of parents and kids are protesting explicit sexual content in schools and radical gender ideology.”

According to the organisers, the primary purpose of these demonstrations is to advocate for the elimination of sexual orientation and gender identity curriculum, gender ideology, pronouns, and mixed bathrooms in schools. The organisers of the march even encouraged students to participate in a countrywide school walkout to express their support for the cause.

Protests and counter-protests across Canadian cities

In response to the call for protests, numerous Canadians took to the streets to voice their concerns. According to CBC news, in Kitchener, over 1,000 protesters and counter-protesters gathered at the Carl Zehr public square, spilling onto the sidewalk in front of the city hall on King Street West. Similarly, in Guelph, around 500 individuals congregated outside the city hall building on Carden Street, with the majority being counter-protesters. The police temporarily closed Carden Street to vehicles due to the gatherings.

The '1 Million March 4 Children' group, responsible for organising the protests, stated that they are advocating for the rights of Canadian children against what they see as unnecessary gender ideologies. The march organiser, Mahmoud Mourra, who is also a key figure in 'Leave Our Kids Alone Calgary,' expressed satisfaction with the turnout and hoped that parents had kept their children out of school as a sign of support.

Mourra emphasised that the march was not rooted in hate and called for mutual respect. "We should leave our kids, and their (the counter-protesters') kids, alone until they are adults and mature enough to determine what they want out of this life. I cannot press my Islamic ideology into someone’s life. I don’t want them pressing their ideology into my kids’ life," he told Global News Canada.

LGBTQ2 community and allies respond

The protests also attracted members of Calgary's LGBTQ2 community and their allies, who stood across from the demonstrators with Pride flags and signs opposing the 'March 4 Children.' Among the counter-protesters was Linda Hunter, a church minister and LGBTQ2 ally, who stressed the importance of acceptance and support for trans and queer children. Hunter explained, "I’m here for trans and queer kids and for all the gay community across this province and across this country."

In response to the protests and the ensuing discussions, the Waterloo Region District School Board issued a statement denouncing hate and addressing concerns related to the demonstrations. The board emphasised its commitment to creating inclusive and safe spaces for all students and staff, stating, "We denounce all forms of hate." The curriculum taught in public schools aligns with the Ministry of Education's directions, the board noted.

The impact of these demonstrations on 2SLGBTQIA+ students, staff, and families has raised concerns, and the board encouraged parents and students to reach out if they have worries about a student's mental health or well-being.


Published September 21st, 2023 at 16:49 IST

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