Updated March 30th, 2024 at 19:43 IST

French Court Sentences 'Tinder Rapist' Ex-Photographer to 18-Years in Jail

Salim Berrada, who has been convicted to 18 years in jail for raping and sexually assaulting several women, lured them using promises of modelling photoshoots.

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A Moroccan man has been sentenced to 18 years in prison by a French court for raping and sexually assaulting several women, | Image:Pixabay/ Representative

A French court, on Friday, sentenced a 38-year old former photographer from Morocco to 18-years in prison for the crime of raping and sexually assaulting several women he found and lured on dating apps such as Tinder. According to a report by AFP, Salim Berrada, given the moniker ‘Tinder Rapist’ due to his use of dating apps as a tool for his crimes, was convicted of 12 rapes and three sexual assaults and will now be obliged to leave France following his sentencing. 

Berrada, it should be noted, was originally convicted for raping or sexually assaulting 17 women but he was acquitted for his alleged crimes against two of the victims due to a lack of evidence. 


Fake modelling shoots and spreadsheet full of pickup lines

Berrada, who committed the crimes he has been convicted for between 2015 and 2016, was noted by prosecutors as having a well-established and ‘compulsive’ modus operandi. He would typically approach his victims online using social media and dating apps before inviting them to meet him for modelling photo shoots. Later investigations would reveal that Berrada also maintained a spreadsheet full of pickup lines and compliments that he employed while attempting to lure his victims.


Once the victims would accept his invitation and meet him, they would eventually be offered a drink. Upon consuming said drink, his victims claimed to have felt a sensation of rapid inebriation which left them vulnerable to Berrada's schemes. 

One victim told news sources that it was after the drink that they noticed a dramatic change in Berrada's attitude as he forced himself upon them despite vocal and repeated objections. 


The defendant claimed that not only was there no proof of the drinks being spiked but also said that the encounters were ‘consensual’. 

Nevertheless, prosecutors claimed that Berrada was ‘extremely dangerous’ and was a repeat offender, leading them to request a 19-year prison sentence which was later reduced to 18. 


It should be noted that Berrada was first arrested back in 2016 and sentenced to two and a half years in prison before being released under judicial supervision. Later, he would be sent back to jail amid a wave of fresh allegations that are now being investigated. 


Published March 30th, 2024 at 19:40 IST