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Gabriel Attal becomes France's youngest, first openly gay Prime Minister

Attal has become France’s youngest and the first openly gay premier to be appointed by French President Macron.

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French president Emmanuel Macron and Gabriel Attal. | Image:AP

France’s President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday named country’s 34-year-old education minister Gabriel Attal as prime minister in a bid to give momentum to his presidency for the second term. Attal has become France’s youngest and the first openly gay premier, agencies quoted the source as saying. Attal was appointed by Macron after the resignation of the 60-year-old minister Elisabeth Borne, and as the French president sought to reshuffle his cabinet for fresh start in a push for his final three year mandate.

"The president of the republic appointed Mr Gabriel Attal prime minister, and tasked him with forming a government," a presidential statement said.

Borne, and France’s rest of the government stepped down after serving less than two years in office ahead of the Olympic Games in Paris and the European parliament elections. "While I must present the resignation of my government, I wanted to tell you how passionate I was about this mission," she wrote in her resignation letter to Macron, according to agencies.

Macron’s centrist government is facing the risks from the far-right under Marine Le Pen, prompting the French president to reshuffle the cabinet. Attal is a major change of style in French parliament for the office of the prime minister. Borne, meanwhile was only the second woman elected to her office in the French cabinet. While she struggled to win support and a broader coalition with opposition MPs, she managed to execute most of French President Macron’s policies.


Reportedly, some of the French lawmakers have bee sceptical about Attal’s appointment, including France’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, both of whom vehemently denied him to be elected as the premier, French media reports. Macron who was elected to the presidential office for the second term in 2022 has faced criticism and protests for pension reforms, as well as over immigration legislation in the parliament. The 34-year-old’s appointment was officially confirmed by Élysée Palace in a statement on Tuesday. Attal would now select his cabinet, the French parliament added.



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