Pamela Anderson Writes To PM Modi, Requests Him To Ensure Vegan Food At Government Events

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Pamela Anderson wrote to PM Narendra Modi to lead India's fight against climate change. She urged him that only vegan food was served at government events.

Written By Joel Kurian | Mumbai | Updated On:
Pamela Anderson

After Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Pamela Anderson, honourary director of the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), United States of America, has now written to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to lead the country’s fight against climate change. The Hollywood star said her heart went out learning out the impact of climate change on India, highlighting the pollution crisis in Delhi and how it impacted animals. She urged the Prime Minister to ensure vegan food was served at all government meetings and functions. Highlighting the findings of reports on impact of climate change on India, she said India was 'easiest place' to follow veganism.  

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Pamela writes to PM Modi 

Pamela Anderson in her letter stated that one-fifth of the human-driven greenhouse gas emissions was due to the raising of animals for meat, dairy and eggs. She drew attention to the efforts taken by the other countries like New Zealand, China and Germany against climate change, that involved reducing the consumption of meat and dairy. The actor stated, “I appeal to you to show that India can equal or best them." She added, “With your country’s innovation and agricultural history, I’m sure that India-produced soy and other versatile foods can easily replace these damaging foods.” 

Pamela in her letter to PM Modi, wrote, “My heart goes out to everyone affected by the severe air pollution plaguing Delhi. I worry about the residents as well as the animals who can’t wear face masks or stay indoors.” She further said in the letter, “I know you share my concern for the future, so please lead India’s fight against climate change by taking a simple but forceful, progressive step. Ban animal-derived foods from all government meetings and functions. I am shattered by recent findings of climate change’s impact on India.” 

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The actor highlighted the findings on climate change that have been termed as an ‘emergency’. Throwing light on another report, she wrote that India was at a risk of annual coasting flooding by 2050, that could affect 36 million Indians. She cited the World Bank report that stated at least 21 cities in India were approaching zero groundwater levels for next year and by 2030, 40 per cent of the citizens might not have water to drink. Pamela had similarly written to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, urging him to serve nutritious vegan meals in correctional facilities. 

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She also praised India’s food culture that made it the ‘easiest place on earth’ to be vegan. “India is the easiest place to be vegan... I still remember the beautiful colour of saffron rice and the alluring aroma of veggie biryani. India’s foods are so fantastic and varied that it’s the easiest place on earth to be vegan.” 

Pamela added that consuming vegetarian food helped in saving animals  from a ‘hideous death’ at the slaughterhouses and also spare people from diseases linked to meat and dairy consumption. “In fact, meat and dairy companies are set to become the world’s biggest polluters, and the United Nations warns that a global shift to vegan eating is necessary to combat climate change,” she said. “It’s not an option but a necessity.” 

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By 2030, 40% Indians will not have access to drinking water