Updated March 4th, 2024 at 20:15 IST

Hamas Says No Idea About Wellbeing of Hostages as Cairo Talks Commence and Israel Demands List

Hamas politburo member Basim Naim said that it “didn’t until now submit any list” referring to the demands on the Israeli side.

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IDF, beseiged strip of Gaza and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. | Image:AP

Hamas on Sunday said that it has no idea where the hostages that were taken captive on October 7 are, or what their status is as the communication with the groups who held hostages across different areas in Gaza has been cut off due to Israeli bombardment. A Hamas political official said in an interview with BBC that the group cannot give Israel any list of the hostages that are still alive “because it does not itself know who is alive and where all the hostages are.” 

Hamas ‘didn’t until now submit any list’

The Hamas politburo member Basim Naim said that it “didn’t until now submit any list” referring to the demands made by the Israeli side for a six-week truce in exchange for the release of hostages and the list of the names of hostages still alive.

“But first of all, technically and practically, it is now impossible to know exactly who is still alive and who has been killed because of the Israeli bombardment or who has been killed because of starvation because of the Israeli blockade,” the Hamas official said. He told the outlet that hostages “are in different areas with different groups and therefore we have called for a ceasefire to be able to collect the data.” Hamas officials reiterated the group’s demand to achieve a total ceasefire in Gaza and withdrawal of all the troops from the besieged strip.


Israel boycotted Cairo talks as Hamas was unable to provide the list of hostages' names mentioning those who were still alive. “There is no Israeli delegation in Cairo," an unidentified Israeli official was quoted as saying by Ynet, the online version of Israel's Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper. "Hamas refuses to provide clear answers and therefore there is no reason to dispatch the Israeli delegation.” The US meanwhile was reported saying that the "path to a ceasefire right now literally at this hour is straightforward. And there's a deal on the table. There's a framework deal."


Published March 4th, 2024 at 20:15 IST