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Hello 2024! BHARAT, rest of the world welcome New Year with a bang

New Zealand, Australia and Japan are among the first countries to say goodbye to 2023.

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Here is how the world is celebrating New Year
Here is how the world is celebrating New Year | Image:AP

New Year Celebrations: While the new year may be a few short hours away for those in India, parts of the world have already bid goodbye to 2023 and welcomed 2024 with optimism and dazzling displays of light. Here is a look at celebrations across the world.

New Delhi welcomes 2024

Gateway of India celebrates New Year


A fireworks display bursting out from the Sky Tower in New Zealand's Auckland. (Photo credit: AP)
Fireworks display at the Sydney Harbour in Australia. On the left, the famous Sydney Opera House can be seen. (Photo credit: AP)
A fireworks display over the Sydney Harbour bridge marking the end of 2023. (Photo credit: AP)
More fireworks light-up the sky over Sydney as Australia celebrates the New Year, (Photo credit: AP)
In contrast to the scenes of celebration above is the more sombre display in Tokyo, Japan where people visit a shrine to welcome in 2024. (Photo credit: AP)
People queuing up outside the Zojoji Buddhist temple in Tokyo on December 31 to celebrate the first shrine visit of the New Year. (Photo credit: AP) 



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