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In Gaza, farmer discovers 4,500-year-old statue of Canaanite goddess Anat

In the Gaza strip, a stone statue of Canaanite goddess Anat, known as the goddess of love and war, was discovered by a farmer in Khan Younis.

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In Palestine's Gaza strip, a stone statue of Canaanite goddess Anat was discovered. Canaanite goddess Anat is known as the goddess of love and war. As per BBC, archaeologists in Palestine stated that the head of the Canaanite goddess Anat is believed to be from the Late Bronze Age and is expected to be 4,500 years old. A farmer in Khan Younis, which is a city in the southern Gaza Strip, made the discovery while digging his field.

Nidal Abu Eid, the farmer who was mowing his field when he came across the statue, stated that it was a happy accident that they came across it. He claimed that after they found the statute, they soaked it in water because it was muddy. He also stated as soon as they found the statute, they knew that it was a valuable item but they did not realise it had such archaeological significance. He further said that they thank God and feel glad that it has remained in their land, Palestine, since the Canaanite days.

Canaanites were ancient Pagans who lived in Jerusalem

The Canaanites were ancient Pagans who lived in Jerusalem and other regions of the Middle East prior to the arrival of monotheism. The discovery of this statue serves as a reminder that the strip, which was once a Canaanite settlement, was a part of an important trade route for succeeding ancient civilisations, according to BBC. The goddess' visage, sporting a serpent crown is plainly seen in the 22 cm carving.

Jamal Abu Rida of Hamas' Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, who unveiled the relic at a press conference last week, said that the statue was "resistant to time" and had been meticulously studied by experts, according to BBC. He further said that such findings demonstrate that Palestine has a culture and history, that no one can dispute or refute.

Palestine's tourism industry is non-existent

While ancient sites such as these could potentially attract foreign visitors, the country has a tourism industry that is practically non-existent because of its conflict with Israel, which has been going on for decades. Because of security concerns, Israel and Egypt have tightened restrictions on people entering and exiting the region.

Image: @MarcusJlaczyrh/Twitter


Published May 3rd, 2022 at 17:31 IST

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