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In second such incident in a week, Sri Lankan Navy arrests 10 Indian fishermen and seizes their boat

In 2023, authorities in Sri Lanka detained as many as 240 Indian fishermen alongside 35 trawlers for allegedly poaching in the nation's territorial waters.

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10 more Indian fishermen detained by Sri Lankan Navy.
10 more Indian fishermen have been detained by the Sri Lankan Navy. Image for representative purposes only. | Image:PTI

COLOMBO: On Sunday, a day after a similar incident saw 12 fishermen being detained, the Sri Lankan Navy arrested 10 more Indian fishermen north of Point Pedro, Jaffna. According to an official statement released by the Sri Lankan Navy on Monday, the 10 men were arrested and their trawler was seized on grounds of illegal poaching in Sri Lanka's territorial waters. According to the press release quoted in a PTI report, the 10 fishermen were taken to the Kankensanthurai harbour and are set to be handed over to the Mailadi Fisheries Inspector for further action. As noted above, this is the second incident of this kind in a week, with the Sri Lankan Navy detaining 12 fishermen and seizing three boats on Saturday. 

The arrests are part of a long-running contentious issue between the two nations, with Sri Lankan authorities frequently detaining and sometimes even firing at Indian fishermen for allegedly entering and operating within Colombo's territorial waters in the Palk Strait. In 2023 alone, as many as 240 Indian fishermen were arrested and 35 trawlers were seized for poaching in Sri Lankan waters.    


Published January 15th, 2024 at 16:54 IST

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