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India's ex-envoys pledge support to France against terrorism at 'this difficult moment'

Indian Ambassador's Group has said that the recent brutal attacks in France by the Islamic extremists have repercussions for all democratic countries

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Amid anti-French protests and the nation’s fight against terrorism, Indian Ambassador's Group has said that the recent brutal attacks in France by the Islamic extremists have implications for all democratic countries that are based on pluralism. A statement signed by at least 22 ex-Indian ambassadors said that the rule of law and India stands in solidarity with Paris during “this difficult moment” and showcased full support to the French Government on the issue that has rocked the European nation for more than a month with several gruesome attacks. 

The Indian ambassadors also said that India has rightfully expressed support to France and even French President Emmanuel Macron personally, whose posters are being burned in certain Muslim majority states along with calls for boycotting French goods. These attacks in France came at the time when its bilateral relations with India have significantly strengthened strategically in recent years. 

The 22 Indian envoys noted India has been a victim to the state-sponsored terrorism for several decades and therefore remains especially sensitive regarding the issue. However, they also acknowledged that France, on one hand, is deeply wedded to freedom of expression because of its history but on other hand, the Muslim population in France "has a very different perspective of the relationship between the State and religion as well as on freedom of expression.”

"The moot point to consider is whether religious justice can be meted out unilaterally without due process by individual in a constitutional democracy in accordance with a belief system that has no place in local jurisprudence?" the statement said as reported by ANI.

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Terrorism as a threat to international peace

The Indian envoys also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inscribed the issue of terrorism as a threat to global peace and security on the international as well as multilateral agenda. The statement said that certain protests in India against Macron and France are “contrary to that international consensus, government's position and the excellent bilateral relations between India and France.”

“India stands with France at this difficult moment and fully supports the Government of France on this issue," the statement said.

From gruesome stabbing inside a Nice church that killed three, a suspicious package being found inside St martin Church in Metz, the unrest in France roots from the October 16 ‘terror attack’ when an 18-year-old beheaded French history teacher for showing Prophet Muhammad’s caricatures to his pupils. The attack on teacher near Paris was followed by Macron repeatedly condemning Islam extremism and pledging to eradicate ‘terror’ from the European nation. However, the French President’s decision of blaming it on a single religion has further angered Muslim majority states and triggered protests denouncing Macron along with calls for boycotting French goods. France is currently on high alert, France's Interior Minister on Friday warned about the possibility of more such attacks.

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Published November 9th, 2020 at 20:24 IST

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