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ISKP possess a major threat to Taliban’s authority in Afghanistan: Report

ISKP aims to threaten the Taliban’s efforts to establish diplomatic relations with international organizations such as the UN and various NGOs in the region.

Reported by: Yuvraj Tyagi
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The regional affiliate of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Khorasan Province is engaged in a power tussle with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Also referred to as Daesh, the group poses a major challenge to the Taliban’s authority in the failed state of Afghanistan as it gains momentum. Meanwhile, the Taliban is ironically seeking international support in order to contain terrorism and improve its record pertaining to human rights, the Afghan Diaspora Network reported.  

As per reports, ISKP aims to threaten the Taliban’s efforts to establish diplomatic relations with international organizations such as the United Nations and various NGOs in the region. Additionally, it openly challenges the Taliban administration’s increasing diplomatic engagement with the United States and China.  

ISKP targets China on Afghan soil

Due to the recent flare-up of terror activities being carried out by ISKP on Afghan soil, the Taliban administration may not only be struggling to maintain its supremacy but also improving its record of human rights as it so far has failed to contain the recent spree of ISKP-led terror attacks. The Longan Hotel, a site frequently visited by Chinese nationals and other foreign visitors was recently targeted by Daesh marking the beginning of the next phase of terrorist-led disturbances in Afghanistan, some observers noted.  

Furthermore, in a separate attack, the ISKP also targeted Pakistan Charge d'Affaire in an attempted assassination. The move by ISKP was made at Pakistan Charge d'Affaire Ubaid-ur-Rehman Nizamani’s residence inside its embassy. These attacks not only pose a threat to Afghanistan’s national security and the safety of its citizens, but also to the Taliban’s efforts to enhance its strategic engagements in the international spectrum including economic engagements, the Afghan Diaspora Network cited analysts.  

Taliban vs ISKP: Nail in the coffin for Afghanistan?

The relentless power tussle between the Taliban and the Islamic State of Khorasan Province has not only undermined the Taliban regime’s capacity to protect its global partners but also the constraints to maintain its supremacy in the struggling nation. The development has made clear that the Taliban is unable to provide foolproof security to diplomatic establishments in the region.   

Meanwhile, ISKP has accelerated its attacks on Afghan soil in the recent few years and is now seeking prominence in Kabul’s political matters as well. To accomplish its targets, ISKP is actively using terror attacks as a handy tool to enhance its presence and control in Afghanistan. One underlying objective of ISKP’s attacks targeting China is to curb Beijing's diplomatic overtures to the Taliban administration since it ceased power in August 2021. The main contention between ISKP and the Taliban springs from ISKP’s accusation that the Taliban have abandoned the jihadi ideology by making peace with the US and betrayed the cause of Ummah.  

Moreover, ISKP utilizes the well-calculated strategy of mobilizing mass support for its cause through a propaganda network to garner maximum publicity and impact. The terror group is attempting to force Russia, China, and other dominant influencers in the war-torn nation to review their strategy and diplomatic engagements in Afghanistan, the report stated. Furthermore, international powers which sympathize with the Taliban are also in ISKP’s crosshairs. 


Published January 3rd, 2023 at 17:27 IST

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