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'Until Absolute Victory': Netanyahu Goes Strong on Rafah as Truce Proposal Falls Short of Demands

Israeli troops on Tuesday seized control of Gaza's Rafah border crossing. This Israeli foray overnight after Hamas accepted cease-fire talks to stop the war.

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Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu | Image:R Bharat

Jerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu goes strong on his pledge to invade Gaza's Rafah and destroy Hamas "until absolute victory." In a video statement released on his social media handle, Netanyahu confirmed that Israel has begun operating in Rafah.

"We started operating in Rafah. We replaced the Hamas flags with Israeli flags. We will continue until the absolute victory," the post read.


This comes amid the ongoing cease-fire talk between Israel and the terror group Hamas in Cairo. However, on Tuesday, PM Netanyahu said that the proposal accepted by Hamas falls short of Israel's key demands, Reuters reported citing an Israeli media outlet.


Following this Israel’s Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said it was a "mistake to have sent a negotiating team to Cairo." In a statement, Bezalel said, "Taking the delegation to Cairo is a mistake and falling into the manipulative trap set for us by Hamas together with Qatar and Egypt. This is the time to press more and more on the neck of Sinwar and Hamas until they are destroyed. talk only in fire You must not give in to international pressure and you must not stop until victory and the submission of the enemy. This is our independence war and we must win it."

Rafah Cross Border Seized, Israeli Tankers Enter For Full-Scale Invasion

Amid Netanyahu's statement, Israeli troops on Tuesday seized control of Gaza's Rafah border crossing. This Israeli foray overnight comes hours after Hamas accepted cease-fire talks to stop the seven-month-old.

The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) earlier asked thousands of civilians to evacuate the region. By capturing Rafah, Israel has now gained full control of the entry and exit of just not people but for goods as well.


The Rafah and Kerem Shalom crossings are two critical entry points for necessary supplies such as food, medicine and other supplies for 2.3 million people living in Gaza. But they have been closed for at least the past two days, though the smaller Erez crossing between Israel and northern Gaza continues to operate, AP reported. 

The border seizure was condemned by the United States and Egypt who for the past few months have been trying to bring an end to the seven-month-long war.


US President Joe Biden condemned the operation warning Netanyahu that launching an invasion in Rafah could bring down his government if he called off an offensive or made too many concessions in cease-fire talks.

Furthermore, Egypt's Foreign Ministry condemned the seizure of the Rafah crossing, calling it "a dangerous escalation." The ministry had previously warned that any occupation of Rafah — which is supposed to be part of a demilitarised border zone — or an attack that forces Palestinians to flee into Egypt would threaten the "1979 peace treaty" with Israel that's been a linchpin for regional security.


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