Updated March 12th, 2024 at 13:14 IST

Jordan's Queen Rania Accuses Israel of Conducting 'Slow-Motion Mass Murder' in Gaza

The Queen of Jordan Rania Al Abdullah called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, accusing the Israeli authorities of conducting a “slow-motion mass murder”.

Reported by: Bhagyasree Sengupta
Queen Rania of Jordan slams Israel | Image:AP

Amman – The Queen of Jordan Rania Al Abdullah called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, accusing the Israeli authorities of conducting a “slow-motion mass murder” of the children who are stuck in the conflict-stricken coastal enclave. In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour from the King Abdullah II Air Base, the Jordanian queen highlighted how Ramadan will be different for the people in Gaza who are still struggling amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war. 

“This has been a slow-motion, mass murder of children, five months in the making. Children who were thriving and healthy just months ago are wasting away in front of their parents,” Queen Rania said, in a remote interview with CNN on Monday. “It is absolutely shameful, outrageous, and entirely predictable what's happening in Gaza today – because it was deliberate,” she added. The Jordanian queen was speaking from King Abdullah II Airbase where the Jordanian authorities are preparing and dispatching aid directly to the people of Gaza via airdrop. So far, the Jordanian Armed Forces - Arab Army has conducted 38 solo Jordanian airdrops, as well as 46 with partners. 


During the interview, Queen Raina mentioned how Ramadan is not the same for people in Gaza. “Ramadan is typically defined with family gatherings, people coming together, sharing a meal and breaking their fast together – but what is it like for the people of Gaza today, who are now hungry and thirsty in tents or makeshift shelters…who are mourning their dead and mourning the life that they had just a few months ago?” she asked. The queen went on to emphasise that air drops alone could never meet the needs of the people of Gaza, noting that His Majesty King Abdullah has explained they are “neither sufficient nor are they a substitute for humanitarian access at scale.”

Israel does not have a license to commit atrocities: Jordan's Queen 

The Jordanian queen slammed the Israeli forces for cutting off Gazans from all vital resources. While she acknowledged that what happened on October 7 was devastating, Queen Rania maintained that the massacre did not give Israel the right to commit atrocities. “Since the beginning of this war, Israel has cut off everything that is required to sustain a human life: food, fuel, shelter, medicine, water…," the Jordanian queen remarked. “As devastating and as traumatic as October 7 was, it doesn't give Israel license to commit atrocity after atrocity,” Her Majesty asserted. “Israel experienced on October 7. Since then, the Palestinians have experienced 156 “October 7s.” They have been going through this every day,” she added. 

While giving his take on the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, the Jordanian queen insisted that the Palestinians have been persecuted for more than 50 years “of oppression, of occupation, of having their movement restricted, having every aspect of their lives dominated, and being humiliated.” She recalled that even before October 7, the Israeli settlement expansion reached record highs last year, and that, despite global opposition to settlement-building. “As long as Israel is allowed to get away with breaking international law – as long as its allies don't hold it accountable – it will just increase its sense of impunity,” she said.




Published March 12th, 2024 at 13:14 IST