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Mexican Navy helicopter crash lands while aiding victims of Hurricane Grace

Mexican navy helicopter, en-route to areas hit by Hurricane Grace, made a crash landing on some vehicles while it was transporting aid to victims. Watch video;

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In a dreadful development, a Mexican Navy helicopter, en-route to areas hit by Hurricane Grace, made a crash landing on some vehicles while transporting medical aid for victims of the calamity. Fortunately, no major accident has been reported except for a few passengers getting injured. A video of the mishap has gone viral.

The scary incident has been caught on camera by witnesses. The videos show the helicopter hovering over the field preparing to land. However, in an attempt to descend, the chopper is seen losing control and spiralling down to hit a van and an SUV. The helicopter's tail rotor and blades were damaged after the impact. A group of bystanders are seen rushing to the crash site to help with the evacuation. 

Watch the video here;

Mexican Navy helicopter crashes with 20 on board

The helicopter with 20 people on board crashed in the town of Agua Blanca, the central state of Hidalgo. Through his Twitter account, the governor of Veracruz confirmed that the Secretary of State Government Eric Cisneros was en route to areas hit by the hurricane when the aircraft experienced a mechanical glitch.

As per local media reports, security forces and emergency teams arrived at the site shortly after to undertake rescue and relief operations, including Cisneros. The injured passengers were rushed to the Regional Hospital of Metepec, Hidalgo. However, 'the specific number remains uncertain'.

Cisneros had later assured the area that he was alright and there were 'no human losses'. Taking to Twitter, he added, "We continue to help, even with minor injuries."

Hurricane Grace in Mexican state of Veracruz

A Category-3 storm, Hurricane Grace, was a powerful one that became the strongest landfilling tropical cyclone in the Mexican state of Veracruz. On its nine-day move across the North Atlantic Ocean, Grace impacted much of the Leeward Islands and had slammed into the coast near the resort of Tecolutta, causing heavy rains and havoc in many parts of the coastal town.


Published August 27th, 2021 at 22:49 IST

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