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Norway Intelligence alleges Russia of carrying out cyber attacks; Kremlin denies claims

The Norwegian intelligence service chief has alleged Russia of carrying out cyber attacks and added that it is interested in Norwegian foreign policy.

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The Chief of Norway's Intelligence Service, Nile Andreas Stensones, has alleged that Russia poses the 'greatest threat' in cyber attacks to the country. Speaking to NRK, intelligence chief Nile Andreas Stensones has claimed that Russia is interested in the Norwegian foreign policy. He also alleged that they have an interest in security policy and knowledge of security.

In 2020, the authorities had claimed that Moscow was responsible for a major data breach. In the latest development, the intelligence chief revealed that the authorities have identified the people behind the attacks, however, the cyber attacks have not stopped.

Furthermore, Stensones mentioned that they have not witnessed any change in the pattern or intensity of the attack. Stensones alleged that Beijing is also active in the digital world, however, Russia has more interest in Norway. 

As per NRK, there have been two digital attacks on the Storting in a year and the last one was carried out in March 2021. Moreover, Stensones claimed that Norwegian companies in the maritime industry and underwater technology have been exposed to espionage. He added that digital attacks are being carried out against companies that have inaccessible technology. He mentioned that they are making efforts in order to stop the digital attacks against the country.

Russia rejects Norway's claims 

Meanwhile, Timur Chekanov, the Embassy Secretary at the Russian Embassy in Norway, in an email to NRK, has rejected the claims of Norway's intelligence chief Nile Andreas Stensones. Chekanov claimed that the allegations made by Stensones lack “concrete facts”.

He further called upon the Norwegian agencies to stop making “unfounded” public statements. Chekanov added that the Norwegian authorities must use official channels to have information exchange with Russia. 

Norway alleges Russia of cyber attack on Storting Parliament

Last year in August, hackers targeted the Storting Parliament and breached the emails of parliamentary representatives and employees. Then Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide at that time accused Russia of carrying out the cyber attack. Norway’s Foreign Minister claimed that Russia intruded into the Norwegian Parliament's email system in August.

The cyberattack was immediately stopped and the security service investigated the matter, according to AP.  Reportedly, the parliament had later mentioned that the security number, bank information and contact data “may have been lost”.

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Published December 27th, 2021 at 13:02 IST

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