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On ties with India, Russian Envoy Denis Alipov says 'Dosti se zyada kuch bhi nahi hota'

Russian Ambassador to India, Denis Alipov, on Monday announced that he is restarting the tradition of reciprocal cultural events between the two nations

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During the unveiling ceremony of the Russian Culture Festival in New Delhi, Russian Ambassador to India, Denis Alipov on Monday announced that he is restarting the tradition of reciprocal cultural events between the two nations after years of offline exchange due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Alipov summed up the ties between India and Russia by citing a famous Hindi quote as the two countries commemorate 75 years of their diplomatic relations.  

The Russian Ambassador said at the inauguration of the Russian Culture Festival, “There is a popular saying in India, ‘Dosti se zyada kuch bhi nahi hota’.” Referring to the popular Hindi saying, Alipov meant that there is nothing more important than friendship. He also highlighted that the goal of the event is to strengthen people-to-people relationships. 

Vibrant celebrations of India-Russia's 75th diplomatic anniversary

While talking about the cultural event, the Russian envoy said that the festival would be the most vibrant celebration of the 75th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Russia and India. He added, “Tonight we are resuming the wonderful tradition of reciprocal cultural festivals of Russia and India and India and Russia.” 

Furthermore, Alipov said that three extremely well-known dance and song groups have been brought to India this year to celebrate the anniversary. The Russian Ambassador stated that it would be a "very vivid illustration of the historic friendship, mutual interest, and understanding and trust between our nations", as well as the vast and diversified cultural ties between them. 

Notably, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on the cultural contact between the two countries. Referring to this, Alipov said that they will restart this lovely tradition, which has always been well-liked in both of the friendly nations.

He said, “Over a week’s time, our Indian friends will enjoy a number of brilliant performances spread across the metropolitan cities of New Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata as a tribute to one of the most ancient civilizations on Earth”.  

Besides this, the Russian ambassador expressed his desire for Russian cuisine and culture to leave an impression on the Indian population during the opening. 

On Monday, in New Delhi, the Russian Culture Festival officially commenced. Up till November 29, 2022, the event will go across New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. The festival in India began with the performance of the Ensemble Lezginka. 

The event is organised by the federal state-funded cultural organisation ROSCONCERT with assistance from the Indian Ministry of External Affairs' India Council for Cultural Relations and the Russian Ministry of Culture. 

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Published November 22nd, 2022 at 13:27 IST

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