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In Pak, Several Killed After Terrorists Attack FC Camp As Chaos Grips Cash-starved Nation

Pakistan's Inter-Services Public Relations Pakistan [ISPR], the PR wing of Pakistan Armed Forces, said attacks were unfolded by the armed terrorists.

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Zaini Majeed
Muslim Bagh area


In a dramatic escalation to the rapidly deteriorating law and order situation in neighbouring Pakistan, a group of terrorists attacked a Frontier Constabulary (FC) camp in the Muslim Bagh area in northern Balochistan. In the cross-exchange of gunfire, scores of Pakistani soldiers were killed, and at least two terrorists were neutralised. Pakistan's Inter-Services Public Relations Pakistan [ISPR], the PR wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces, said in a press release on Friday, May 12, that attacks were unfolded by the armed terrorists on the Frontier Constabulary (FC) camp in Balochistan.

'Two terrorists have been sent to hell': ISPR

The incident comes during a crucial time when Pakistan is struggling with the worst civil unrest, economic turmoil, depreciation of currency to a record low, inflation, and political upheaval on the heels of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf [PTI] leader Imran Khan's prolonged arrest. The South Asian country has tumbled into an anarchy-like state with demonstrators torching military installations, and public infrastructure without fear of reprisal. 

Pakistan is on the verge of political, military, and economic destabilization, but the financial dysfunctioning that preceded the near collapse of law and order is precisely to blame. "Two terrorists have been sent to hell," Inter-Services Public Relations [ISPR] said in Friday's update. "Many [Pakistani] soldiers were martyred," the agency continued, adding that at least three more soldiers were badly injured. The figures could not be independently verified by Republic Media Network.

"We will maintain pressure on the terrorists," claimed the ISPR whom Pakistan's ex-premier, in recent weeks, maligned and accused of plotting a scheme to murder him. Khan berated a military intelligence officer Gen Faisal Naseer and officers of Pakistan's Intelligence Agency for attempting to kill him twice. In a fierce trade of barbs earlier last week, the ISPR warned Khan against levelling accusations against the country's armed forces. “We ask the political leader 'concerned' to make recourse to legal avenues and stop making false allegations. The institution reserves the right to take legal course of action against patently false and malafide statements and propaganda,” the ISPR asserted. “Imran Niazi’s act of routinely maligning and threatening the Pakistan Army and Intelligence Agency is highly condemnable," it continued. "It will not be tolerated," the hawkish PR wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces reiterated warning Khan of the consequences. 

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