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Pakistan Elections 2024 | With No Clear Victor in Sight, Islamabad Dwindles in Chaos

Pakistan Elections 2024 HIGHLIGHTS: At the end of the day, there are no clear winners. PTI-backed Independents took a lead with the AI-version of Imran Khan claiming victory. On the other hand, PML(N)'s Nawaz Sharif and PPP's Asif Ali Zardari met as the former expressed willingness to form an alliance. Here at Republic, we bring you the latest updates.

Pakistan conducts polls amid political turmoil and security threats.
Pakistan conducts polls amid political turmoil and security threats. | Image: Republic
12: 40 IST, February 10th 2024

We are closing this blog on the 2024 Pakistan General Elections. Click here, to follow our latest coverage of Pakistan elections and the political saga which is currently unfolding in Islamabad. 



2: 10 IST, February 10th 2024

Official results for the following 36 seats are still pending from the Election Commission:

National Assembly: 22
Punjab Assembly: 1
Sindh Assembly: 2
KP Assembly: 3
Balochistan Assembly: 8

12: 52 IST, February 10th 2024

Imran Khan states that even after being behind PTI in 30 seats, based on Form 45, Nawaz gave his victory speech.

12: 41 IST, February 10th 2024


PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari met at midnight as Imran Khan declared victory

12: 35 IST, February 10th 2024

Even after PML(N) declared premature win, the AI generated version of Imran Khan says that PTI has actually won and the numbers presented by TV channels are all false.

12: 31 IST, February 10th 2024

PTI IT cell head / Social Media Lead Jibran Ilyas says it's a cornerstone moment referring to Imran's upcoming AI speech.

12: 11 IST, February 10th 2024

PTI to make important announcement shortly, the party announced on X.

11: 59 IST, February 9th 2024

The statement issued from Rawalpindi said, "The armed forces and other law enforcement agencies are proud to have played an important role in providing security during the electoral process, with the help of the civil force and in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan." has paid.'

With the deployment of 137,000 military personnel and civil armed forces at around 6000 highly sensitive polling stations, a safe environment was ensured for the public.

'Despite 51 cowardly terrorist attacks, mostly in KP and Balochistan, aimed at disrupting the electoral process, the forces remained resolute and effectively ensured peace and security across Pakistan.'

According to a statement issued by the Pakistan Army, 12 people (including 10 personnel of security forces and law enforcement agencies) were killed and 39 injured in these attacks.

11: 06 IST, February 9th 2024

"We commend Pakistani poll workers, civil society, journalists and election observers for their work to protect and uphold pakistan's democratic and electoral institutions.. We join credible international and local election observers in their assessment that these elections included undue restrictions on freedoms of expression, association, and peaceful assembly.

We condemn electoral violence, restrictions on the exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms, including attacks on media workers and restrictions on access to the internet and telecommunication services, and are concerned about allegations of interference in the electoral process. Claims of interference or fraud should be fully investigated", US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller said in a statement.


10: 50 IST, February 9th 2024

As large number of PTI workers stormed the streets of Pakistan to protest against alleged rigging, at least two PTI workers and 12 others were injured.

9: 34 IST, February 9th 2024

Former Federal Minister for Human Rights of Pakistan slammed ex-PM Nawaz Sharif for celebrating “too early”. "Doesn't have the mandate to form govt but behaving as if he has "won" - shameless. Claiming a mandate he hasn't gotten & then making a speech glorifying this audacity," Mazar wrote on X, formally known as Twitter. 




8: 48 IST, February 9th 2024

While addressing his supporters in Lahore, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif started to celebrate prematurely. During his address, Sharif said that his administration would work to ensure solid ties with the world. “...We want our relations with the world to be better...We will improve our relations with them and resolve all our issues with them," Sharif said in a statement. 


8: 22 IST, February 9th 2024

Nawaz Sharif won his seat with 1,71,024 votes.

8: 05 IST, February 9th 2024

The European Union called of an investigation of why general elections in Pakistan faced so many irregularities. “The European Union takes note of the completion of the polling in the general elections, which took place on 8 February inPakistan, following several months of postponement and uncertainty, and in a context of a tense security environment. The participation by the Pakistani people to exercise their right to vote, despite systemic barriers still faced by women and persons belonging to minorities, demonstrates their commitment to democracy and the rule of law,” the regional body said in statement. “The authorities were faced with the challenging task of countering serious terrorist threats and attacks. The EU condemns all acts of violence, which took place in the lead up to the elections and calls on all parties and actors to use peaceful and democratic mechanisms to settle differences, refraining from further violence,” the body furthered. 

6: 39 IST, February 9th 2024

After winning one seat in Lahore, Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif received a major blow after he lost the NA-15 Mansehra seat to a PTI-backed independent candidate. Imran Khan's PTI went on to call it a “big upset”. 

6: 18 IST, February 9th 2024

As the counting in the Pakistan general elections continues, reports are emerging that several PTI-backed Independent candidates who are emerging victorious in the early polls are approaching Nawaz Sharif's PML-N. Earlier today, Senior PTI leader Barrister Gohar Khan said that the independent candidates are not planning to form a coalition with either PML-N or PPP. Stay tuned to Republic, to get a timely update on the ongoing elections. 

4: 54 IST, February 9th 2024

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan slammed the ECP and condemned the delay in the announcement of the election results.  “HRCP deplores the delay in announcement of #election results, which, under Rule 84 of the Election Rules, should have been communicated by the returning officers to the @ECP_Pakistan by 2 AM this morning and made public shortly thereafter. If, under the Rules, the returning officers had incomplete results by this time, they were legally bound to tell the ECP why, also indicating which vote counts were still awaited. This lack of transparency is deeply concerning,” HRCP wrote on X, formally known as Twitter. “Moreover, we see no plausible reason to attribute this delay to any extraordinary circumstances that might justify it,” the statement further reads. 

4: 02 IST, February 9th 2024

Here's a look at how the key candidates fared in the early projection of the Pakistani General Elections: 

  • Nawaz Sharif - Former Prime Minister of Pakistan won his seat in Lahore against PTI-backed Yasmin Rashid.
  • Shehbaz Sharif - Former Prime Minister of Pakistan won his seat from Lahore.
  • Maryam Nawaz Sharif - The daughter of Nawaz Sharif won from NA - 119 from Lahore. Meanwhile, Shehzad Farooq, backed by PTI, came second with 68,376 votes.
  • Bilawal Bhutto - Former Foreign Minister won his seat in Larkana.
  • Asif Zardari - Former President of Pakistan also won his seat from Larkana
3: 51 IST, February 9th 2024

Here's a look at the current tally of votes in the Pakistan General Election as the counting reaches the second phase.  

Total National Seats in the Assembly: 296

  • PTI-backed Independents: 71
  • PMLN : 47
  • Pakistan's Peoples Party: 34 

Punjab Assembly

  • Independent: 104
  • PML-N : 96
  • PPP: 05

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Total Seats: 113

  • Independent: 76
  • PMLN: 5
  • PPP: 3

Sindh Assembly Total Seats: 130

  • PPP: 75
  • Independent: 07
  • MQM: 6

Balochistan Assembly Total Seats: 51

  • PPP: 6
  • PMLN: 05
  • JUI: 03
3: 35 IST, February 9th 2024

Maryam Nawaz, the daughter of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif, won the NA-119 seat in Lahore with 83,855 votes according to the unconfirmed and unofficial results released by the Electoral watchdog. According to Pakistani news outlet Dawn, this is the first NA seat she has won. Meanwhile, Shehzad Farooq, backed by PTI, came second with 68,376 votes.

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, center, and his daughter Maryam Nawaz, right, waves to their supporters as they arrive to address an election campaign rally in Hafizabad, Pakistan, Image: AP
2: 20 IST, February 9th 2024

Despite contesting as independent, Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf has ruled out any possibility of forming a coalition with the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz).  PTI senior leader Barrister Gohar Ali Khan made it clear that the party is not looking to form a coalition.  "We do not have any contact with PPP or PML-N," Barrister Gohar told Geo News on Friday. He claimed that PTI-backed candidates are winning 150 National Assembly seats and would be able to achieve the required number of seats to form government at the Centre.

1: 16 IST, February 9th 2024

As the unofficial and unconfirmed results started to pour in, PML-N leader Khawaja Saad Rafique accepted defeat and congratulated PTI-backed candidate Sardar Latif Khosa on winning Lahore's NA-122 constituency. "Heartfelt congratulations to Sardar Latif Khosa. Cheers to a public decision. I Surrender. May Allah give strength to the coming Parliament to overcome the national crisis by uniting. Amen.

12: 40 IST, February 9th 2024

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif emerged victorious in the PP-158 seat in Lahore with 38,642 votes, according to the unofficial results obtained by Pakistani news outlet Dawn News. 


Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif, Image: AP
12: 27 IST, February 9th 2024

A picture circulating online shows the total votes polled is recorded as more than the total valid votes in the seat where former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was contesting from. The document showed that the total votes polled stood at 293K whereas the total valid votes were 294K (one thousand more than the total votes polled). 


11: 57 IST, February 9th 2024

Imran Khan's ex-wife Reham Khan took to X, formally known as Twitter to celebrate Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's win. “Hamza Shehbaz winning from Alia Hamza & MNS crushing this 9th May character made me so happy,” Reham wrote on X. Sharif won his seat with 1,71,024 votes. It is important to note that there are unofficial results obtained by the Pakistan media, the official results will be released by the Election Commission of Pakistan on 22 February. 

11: 41 IST, February 9th 2024

According to Pakistan's Geo News, Nawaz Sharif has won his seat by 1,71,024 votes. 

11: 38 IST, February 9th 2024


11: 17 IST, February 9th 2024


10: 59 IST, February 9th 2024

The interior ministry has addressed the concerns raised by the media and the public regarding the delayed announcement of poll results.

It cited a "lack of communication" as the primary reason for the delay, which stemmed from precautionary security measures implemented to guarantee thorough security protocols.

In a statement posted on X, the ministry reassured that the delay had been evaluated, asserting that the current situation was deemed "satisfactory." It expressed optimism that the process of result dissemination would proceed smoothly without further interruptions.



8: 33 IST, February 9th 2024

Pakistan Election 2024 Result LIVE: Unprecedented voter turnout' stunned entire system, claimed the independents candidates backed by Imran Khan's PTI, alleging that attempts being made to 'alter' poll results. 


8: 27 IST, February 9th 2024

Pakistan Election 2024 Result LIVE: Three candidates backed by cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan's PTI have registered victory in the Pakistan general elections. 

Here's the list; 

Samiullah Khan, an independent backed by Imran Khan's PTI, won the PK-76 seat of the Kyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial assembly by securing over 18,000 votes

Independent candidate Fazal Hakeem Khan, also backed by the PTI, took 25,330 votes to win PK-6

PTI-backed independent candidate Ali Shah has bagged Swat's PK-4 constituency as per initial results from the Election Commission of Pakistan. He secured 30,022 votes.


The polls closed Thursday 5 pm and ballot counting began but there was no clear picture till about 3 am Friday from the ECP about which party was leading.

8: 24 IST, February 9th 2024

Pakistan Elections 2024 Result LIVE: A party must win 133 seats out of 265 being contested to form the government. The initial trend shows Imran Khan's PTI candidates who fought independently are leading. 

9: 21 IST, February 8th 2024

In a major turn of events, exit polls are showing disgraced former Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif trailing behind PTI-backed independent leader Yaseem Rashid According to Geo News, as of now, Rashid has garnered 881 votes in the NA-130 seat. Sharif on the other hand is trailing behind with 868 votes. It is important to note that these are unofficial results not the official ones. 


Former Prime Minster of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif was seen casting his vote earlier today, Image: AP  
9: 18 IST, February 8th 2024

The Interior Ministry on Thursday said that the internet and mobile services have been partially restored in several parts of the country. “Mobile service has been partially restored in the following areas: Bhakkar, Sargodha, Rawalpindi Division: Taxila, Gujar Khan Chakri, Balochistan: Loralai, Sibi, Jhal Magsi. Sindh: Entire province except for Malir and Karachi,” the Interior Ministry wrote on X, formally known as Twitter. 

9: 01 IST, February 8th 2024

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shehbaz Sharif is leading in the NA-123 seat from Lahore 7 with 5223 votes. According to Geo News, PTI-backed independent candidate named Afzaal Azeem Pahat is in the second spot with 4667 votes.  

8: 49 IST, February 8th 2024

As the counting of votes commences in Pakistan, early results show that several PTI-backed candidates are leading in the National Assembly Seats of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to Pakistani news outlet Ary News, PTI-backed candidates like Rehana Imtiaz Dar, Khurram Shahzad and Kanwal Shauzab are leading in their respective constituencies. 

An official of polling staff seals ballot boxes, Image: AP 
7: 39 IST, February 8th 2024

The Election Commission of Pakistan said that the electoral watchdog has received 76 complaints during the polling. However, the body maintained that the complaints were “normal” in nature. “So far 76 complaints have been received which have been resolved. The complaints were of a normal nature, mostly related to inter-worker tensions, fights, which were brought under control on the spot and the polls were held,” Aaron Shinwar, In charge of Monitoring Control Center Islamabad said in a statement. 

6: 02 IST, February 8th 2024

Amid brewing tensions in Pakistan, reports are emerging that armed men stormed into polling station numbers 72 and 78 in the NA-233 constituency of Landhi No 6 in Karachi. According to Geo News, the armed men barged into the polling stations and broke multiple ballot boxes. 

5: 18 IST, February 8th 2024

As polling comes to an end in multiple provinces, the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf demanded an extension in the polling deadline.  “There have been a lot of complaints from the election staff about the delays in the polling process," the party’s chief organiser Omar Ayub wrote on X. “The Election Commission of Pakistan should extend the polling time by at least one hour and announce that the polling will continue till 6 pm. As many voters as possible should be supported in exercising their right to vote and given the opportunity to vote,” the statement further reads. 


4: 56 IST, February 8th 2024

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) made it clear that it will not be extending the deadline to cast the votes. “The polling process will end at the appointed time at 5 pm. The doors of all the polling stations will be closed at 5 pm. However, those who are already present in the premises/precincts of the polling station can cast their votes even after the appointed time,” the electoral watchdog wrote on X, formally known as Twitter.


4: 11 IST, February 8th 2024

The Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto Zardari cast his vote at a polling station in Larkana, the party took to X, formally known as Twitter to share the visuals of Bilawal's outing. 

3: 44 IST, February 8th 2024

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Thursday demanded the immediate restoration of internet and cellular services across the country. “HRCP demands the immediate restoration of cellular and internet services across the country. The ongoing disruption to services has occurred despite the Sindh High Court's direction to the caretaker government to ensure uninterrupted internet services on polling day,” the party wrote on X, formally known as Twitter. “With the PTA claiming it has received no instructions from the government to block internet services, there is a worrying lack of transparency about where, when and how long the disruption will continue, thereby affecting voters' right to information and potentially the transmission of results. Those who gave this order must be identified and held responsible,” the statement further reads. 

3: 23 IST, February 8th 2024

Pakistan's Jamaat e Islami party shared a video in which they claimed that they had caught an ECP official rigging the elections. The party shared a video of JI members confronting the official at the Okhai Memon School Kharadar. In the video, Jamaat-e-Islami candidate Syed Abdul Rasheed was seen confronting the official.


3: 00 IST, February 8th 2024

Former President of Pakistan and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari reached a polling station to cast his vote in the 2024 General Elections. Zardari's party PPP took to X, formally known as Twitter and shared a video of Zardari casting his vote at a polling station in Government Boys Primary School, located in the LBOD Colony Nawabshah.

2: 37 IST, February 8th 2024

With less than just three hours remaining in the polls, Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf urged voters to come out in numbers and vote for the candidates supporting the former Prime Minister. “Pakistanyo you have almost only 3h to vote. Don’t waste any time now, go out and vote immediately for IK’s candidates! #VoteForIK,” the party wrote on X, formally known as Twitter. 

2: 29 IST, February 8th 2024

The First Lady of Pakistan Begum Samina Alvi, visited a polling station in Karach to cast her vote in the General Elections. Earlier today, her husband Arif Alvi cast his vote in the same polling station. 


2: 08 IST, February 8th 2024

The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Thursday moved to the Election Commission of Pakistan and lodged a complaint against the suspension of mobile and internet services.  Earlier today, the Ministry of Interior suspended cellular services "temporarily" across Pakistan as a part of security measures. “We, the Pakistan Peoples Party are concerned about the recent unannounced disruptions of internet and mobile network connectivity across Pakistan which is severely impacting the General Elections,” PPP’s election cell in-charge Taj Haider wrote in a letter addressed to Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Sikander Sultan Raja, Geo News reported. “Understandably, without access to the internet and mobile networks, voters are unable to access vital information about polling stations and follow other electoral procedures and coordinate logistics to access respective polling stations,” the complaint added.

Earlier today, the party's Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari took to X, formally known as Twitter to condemn the move by the Pakistan authorities. “Mobile phone services must be restored immediately across the country have asked my party to approach both ECP and the courts for this purpose,” Zardari wrote on X. 

1: 41 IST, February 8th 2024

Nawaz Sharif, the leader of PML-N, has encouraged citizens to actively participate in the voting process. 

Speaking to reporters outside the polling booth, he pledged that PML-N would strive to counteract the prevailing culture of "abuse" and "indecency," in addition to addressing inflation and prioritising the welfare of the populace.


1: 26 IST, February 8th 2024

According to a report from Dawn, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has instructed the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) to issue a warning to Geo News and ARY News for persistent breaches of the code of conduct.

As per a commission spokesperson, despite explicit directives from the ECP, these news channels have continuously broadcasted live statements and interviews of political leaders.

1: 08 IST, February 8th 2024

During the elections in Pakistan, yet another terror attack has occurred. Five policemen lost their lives, and two others sustained injuries.

The assailants initially targeted a police mobile van with an improvised explosive device (IED) before engaging in gunfire with the policemen for more than 30 minutes.

This tragic incident took place in Kulachi, situated in the Dera Ismail Khan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

1: 00 IST, February 8th 2024


12: 54 IST, February 8th 2024

Secretary General of PTI Hammad Azhar has said claimed that ballot boxes are not being sealed. He said that “I have received multiple reports that ballot boxes are not sealed and the presiding officers have given the excuse that ‘seals are in short supply’. The ballot box seals are meant to be opened only in the presence of polling agents during counting.”

12: 35 IST, February 8th 2024

US Department of State Principal Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel has said that “We’re continuing to monitor Pakistan’s electoral process quite closely, and as we have said, we want to see that process take place in a way that facilitates broad participation with respect for freedom of expression, assembly, and associations. We have concerns of the – all incidents of violence and restrictions on media freedom; freedom of expression, including internet freedom; and peaceful and – peaceful assembly and association. We’re concerned by some of the infringements that we’ve seen in that space”. 

12: 28 IST, February 8th 2024

PTI Information Secretary Raoof Hasan has said that the internet outage “will impede the work that our activists are doing on the ground to get people to the polling stations." He went on to add that "The physical space given to us has been completely cut out so we are totally dependent on connectivity through the net". 

12: 07 IST, February 8th 2024

According to a report from Dawn news, Alp Toker, the director of NetBlocks has said that “The ongoing election day internet blackout in Pakistan is amongst the largest we’ve observed in any country in terms of severity and extent. The practice is inherently undemocratic and is known to limit the work of independent election observers and cause irregularities in the voting process”. 

12: 01 IST, February 8th 2024


11: 48 IST, February 8th 2024

According to former Member of the National Assembly Mohsin Dawar, three female polling agents from the National Democratic Movement (NDM) were assaulted by the Taliban in Tappi, located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.


11: 36 IST, February 8th 2024

According to Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja, the decision to shut down internet and mobile services lies with law enforcement agencies. He expressed hope for a "free and fair" election process, emphasizing that the ECP's jurisdiction does not extend to regulating internet and mobile services.

Addressing the media outside the ECP office in Islamabad, he reiterated that their electoral system is not reliant on the internet and that disruptions in such services would not hinder their preparations.

Raja clarified that the ECP has not instructed the interior ministry regarding internet services, highlighting again that such decisions fall under the purview of law enforcement agencies. He emphasized that the ECP can only provide recommendations in this regard.

“If we give them directions [to open mobile services] and if there is any incident, then who will be responsible?” he said, as per a report from Dawn news.

11: 24 IST, February 8th 2024


11: 20 IST, February 8th 2024

Aseefa Bhutto, sister of Bilawal Bhutto, took to X today. She urged people to go out and vote. 



11: 14 IST, February 8th 2024

Former PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has cast his vote at a polling station in Lahore, as per a report from Dawn news.

11: 11 IST, February 8th 2024
11: 04 IST, February 8th 2024

The American analyst Michael Kugelman has said that “It’s clear, based on the steps they took as soon as the polls opened, that the powers that be remain concerned about the PTI’s possible electoral impact. Especially its turnout potential. The party has been badly weakened and hollowed out, and yet it still has them worried.”


10: 41 IST, February 8th 2024

Michael Kugelman, South Asia Institute Director at the Wilson Centre has said that “This is an ominous start to election day. The move violates multiple high court rulings since 2018. Security concerns were greater in 2018 and 2013, and I don't recall a move like this back then.”




10: 27 IST, February 8th 2024

The Human Rights Council of Pakistan has released a statement criticising the shut down of internet services. 




10: 23 IST, February 8th 2024


10: 17 IST, February 8th 2024

Former PPP Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar has criticised suspension of internet services. He took to X to express his views. 




10: 09 IST, February 8th 2024

Local media reports suggest that there has been a terror attack in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province. The Quick Response Force team was attacked in Kot Azam, Tank district of KPK. One frontier corps security personnel was reportedly killed. 

10: 06 IST, February 8th 2024

The Pakistan Telecom Authority is claiming that there is no government instruction to block internet access. However, multiple outlets have reported that the Interior Ministry has issued an order to ensure internet access is blocked. The PTI has criticised Pakistan Telecom Authority's flip-flop. 



9: 47 IST, February 8th 2024

Imran Khan has already voted using a postal ballot, while being incarcerated, as per a report from Pakistani newspaper Dawn, citing anonymous sources.

Meanwhile, the report stated that Khan's wife, Bushra Bibi, was unable to participate in the voting process due to her arrest occurring after the completion of postal voting.

9: 36 IST, February 8th 2024

“Shutting down internet and telecom services on election day in Pakistan is an outrageous act of pre-poll rigging, plain and simple. It’s a cowardly move by those in power to manipulate the outcome of the election by cutting off the means of communication and information flow. This is not democracy; this is tyranny disguised as governance. Let the People Decide!,” a statement from PTI reads. 


10: 26 IST, February 8th 2024

Pakistan's Interior Ministry has released a statement explaining its decision to suspend mobile phone services. “Given recent surge in terrorist incidents, it has been decided to shut mobile services nationwide temporarily to maintain the law and order situation and tackle threats,” the nation’s interior ministry said in a statement.



9: 18 IST, February 8th 2024

Multiple news outlets are reporting that mobile phone services have been suspended in entire Pakistan. The order was reportedly issued by Pakistan's Interior Ministry. PTI has released a statements which reads “Shutting down internet and mobile services on election day indicates pre-poll rigging attempts against the largest political party.”

9: 13 IST, February 8th 2024

PTI has released a statement on X which reads “Minutes before polling for General Elections is scheduled to start in Pakistan, reports about shutting down cell phone services across the country have surfaced. After unleashing unprecedented pre poll rigging against Imran Khan’s PTI, will the illegitimate, fascist regime stoop to another low on polling day? The world is watching.”


8: 59 IST, February 8th 2024
8: 47 IST, February 8th 2024

As Pakistan goes to the voting booth, internet services have been suspended in many parts of the country. Defence Expert Qamar Agha has said that the “result of these elections is pre-decided, right from who will be the Prime Minister to how many seats will each party win.”



8: 28 IST, February 8th 2024


8: 22 IST, February 8th 2024

In Pakistan, voters have experienced a tumultuous year marked by significant events such as a historic flood, a turbulent shift in top leadership, widespread protests, and escalating prices of essential goods and services.

The upcoming administration will face a comprehensive agenda, including economic recovery, enhancing diplomatic ties with neighbouring Taliban-led Afghanistan, addressing deteriorating infrastructure and persistent power shortages. Additionally, tackling religious and separatist militant factions remains a crucial task, according to a report by Reuters.

8: 15 IST, February 8th 2024

Foreign Affairs Expert Sushant Sareen spoke about the unrest in Pakistan ahead of the country's Parliamentary Elections. He said, "... The attacks have been happening for over a week now... It's particularly bad in Balochistan because there's resistance in both- the Baloch areas as well as the Pashtun areas. People don't identify themselves in the elections... There are speculations that these attacks might be false flag attacks planned and executed by the Pakistan Army, speculating the fact that they do not want elections to be held in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. In KP, there were assumptions that Imran Khan's PTI might do better. Some of these attacks will ensure that the turn-out at polling stations is low which means that voting goes as per the Army's plan..."

8: 10 IST, February 8th 2024

Pakistan on Wednesday announced that it will close its borders with neighbouring Afghanistan and Iran as part of efforts to maintain peace during the polling.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch has announced the closure of the border.

”To ensure full security during the general elections to be held in Pakistan on 8 Feb 2024, border crossings with Afghanistan and Iran would remain closed both for cargo and pedestrians. Normal operations would resume on 9 Feb 2024," she said.

The decision was taken after at least 30 people were killed in two back-to-back bomb blasts in Blaochistan's Pishin and Qilla Daifullah which borders both Afghanistan and Iran.

8: 04 IST, February 8th 2024

Following separate blasts across Pakistan, security has been tightened amid a rising spree of violence.

News agency PTI reported that almost 6,50,000 security personnel has been deployed. 

7: 50 IST, February 8th 2024

For today's general elections in Pakistan, a total of 12.58 crore voters have been registered.

Media reports suggest that 5,121 candidates are in the race for 266 National Assembly seats. Meanwhile, 12,695 candidates have registered for provincial assemblies. 

7: 47 IST, February 8th 2024

As Pakistan will vote for the formation of a new government to lead the crisis-riden country for the next five years. Here are the key runners in today's elections.

Nawaz Sharif's and Maryam Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is tipped to emerge as the single largest party if it manages to gather a majority in the parliamentary elections. This time, Sharif's daughter Maryam has been presented as the political heir apparent.

Despite being in jail, former prime minister Imran Khan's party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf will contest elections. However, it might not get enough votes to form a government.

Furthermore, though as per reports, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will not win the elections, his party PPP is expected to play a king-maker role after the polls. 

7: 06 IST, February 8th 2024

Pakistan Elections 2024 LIVE Updates: Pakistan will hold voting for general elections as the country grapples with the economic crisis. The voting is set to begin to commence at 8 am (05:00 GMT) and will conclude at 05:00 pm (12:00 GMT).


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