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PM Modi to Inaugurate First Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi: All You Need to Know About BAPS Mandir

The BAPS temple is slated to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 14.

Reported by: Priyanka Sharma
BAPS Temple
Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate BAPS Temple in Abu Dhabi | Image:BAPS Temple

Abu Dhabi: The UAE’s Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) Temple is in the spotlight ahead of its inauguration by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on February 14. Just two days to go for the historic moment, the devotees across the world are eagerly waiting for the auspicious occasion, when PM Modi will be opening the BAPS temple and dedicate it to them.

Preparations are on full swing for the inaugural ceremony of the temple on February 14

Ahead of the inaugural ceremony in UAE’s Abu Dhabi, Republic got a sneak peak into the temple capturing the marvel of artistic crafting of the monument and its importance. Republic also spoke to the core team of the volunteers of BAPS who made the temple in Abu Dhabi possible.

‘Kalash’ have been installed on domes of the temple

PM Modi to inaugurate first Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi

Hindu gods and goddesses have been sculpted on the wall of the temple

Amid just two days to go for the inauguration, here is all about the first Hindu Temple in Abu Dhabi, which is slated to be inaugurated by the prime minister.


Talking to Republic, the main civil engineer briefly explained about the construction and unique features of the temple.

The uniquely built architecture of the temple 

7 sanctum sanctorum built inside the temple

As per information, there are altogether seven sanctum sanctorum that have been built inside the temple, where idols of Lord Ram, Lord Shiva, Lord Ayyappa, Lord Jagannath and Swaminarayan are installed. Apart from that, several jyotirlingas have also been installed in the temple.

Ceiling of the temple

Civil Engineer Nishith Raval, stated, “In each and every sanctum sanctorum there are carvings of the entire life journey of the god almighty, whose idols have been placed in the sanctum sanctorum. Say for example, in the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Ram, there are carvings of the lord's entire life explaining the time he was born, to his exile and when he returned to Ayodhya, apart from others.”


Foundation was built with 150 types of sand

The architect team explained the uniqueness of the foundation and plinth in the temple.

150 types of sand have been used to construct the temple

It is being said that the foundation has been built out of high volume of fly ash and 150 types of sand, which effectively reduces the carbons footprint by 55% and increases the lifespan of the concrete used in the construction. 

Temple constructed on philosophy of ‘Shilpa Shastra’

“It has been constructed on the philosophies of the ‘Shilpa Shastras’. We got this land as a gift, which boosted our beliefs. When someone gives us a gift, we make sure that we return it making something better. We have also borne in our mind the message that is being given in this temple,” the engineer said.

BAPS temple has been constructed on Shilpa Shastra

“The seven Emirates are depicted in the temple and there is also a hall of harmony. Essentially, all religions are the same and they all preach to us the same. We wanted to give that message through this temple and it can be seen in each and every engravings of the harmony hall,” Raval added. 

Various ‘Surya mudras’ have been depicted in the hall of the temple

Additionally, the depiction of the five elements of the human body have also been done on the wall of the hall. Apart from it, cows, Shankhas, Surya mudras, Vayu and 14 phases of the moon have also been depicted in the halls.



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