7 COVID-19 Resources Developed By Researchers, Economists To Fight Misinformations

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Here are the seven indispensable COVID-19 resources that have been developed by the researchers, economists so far that can help during coronavirus outbreak.

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As the deadly coronavirus outbreak continues to tighten its grip around the world and has already spread to over 190 countries, medical officials have been struggling to develop effective resources that can match the crisis. The pandemic has not only caused more than 17,000 fatalities but has taken a huge toll on the global economy. Moreover, the COVID-19 spread has also given space for misinformation, rumours, conspiracy theories along with other misleading content. But, here are the seven indispensable COVID-19 resources that have been developed by the researchers, economists so far in their months-old battle with the pathogen.

Working of coronavirus

According to science blogs and other publications by researchers, the working of the deadly coronavirus has been tracked. Unlike SARS or MERS viruses, the COVID-19 has three possibilities of its infection being mild, medium, or severe. This is also the reason why the fatality rate as compared to the number of people infected is low. 

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History of Pandemics

After spreading to most countries, the COVID-19 outbreak was declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation on March 11. However, the researchers know the previous histories with pandemics which can also act as a resource to the outbreak in 2020. From Black Death to now the coronavirus outbreak, the researchers have a historical context on how severe a pandemic can be. The constant updating between the current pandemic to the ones in the past is also being done.

Coronavirus stimulator

The researchers have understood the functionality of the coronavirus and a stimulator map by an international media organisation has also revealed how the virus spreads normally versus how it can spread exponentially if normal quarantine measures are not taken. 

Real-time COVID-19 map

The Johns Hopkins University has been regulating a real-time map of the coronavirus outbreak which has also acted as one of the most prominent resources to combat the crisis.

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Countries flattening the curve

The spread which is mostly escalating in various countries, some have managed to flatten the curve of the outbreak including China, where it originated in December 2019. That has also acted as a COVID-19 resource because the countries have been taking information from each other’s battle with the crisis. 

Tracking coronavirus

An international organisation recently published a COVID-19 dashboard describing the position of the coronavirus in different countries. Assessing the economic damage, the virus has impacted differently around the world, while it affected tourism in some, while small businesses in others.

Stats and Research

Updated regularly, the stats and research around the COVID-19 outbreak are acting as the biggest resource of the pandemic. It has also been made available to the public and is an initiative by economist Max Roser.

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