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Alexa Plays Hanuman Chalisa, Most Requested Song Of 2019, 4 Times Per Minute

Indian users of Amazon Echo, a voice-controlled artificial intelligence device, requested ‘Alexa’ to play Hanuman Chalisa four times per minute in 2019


Indian users of Amazon Echo, a voice-controlled Artificial Intelligence (AI) device, requested ‘Alexa’ for over 1,000 songs every minute last year and Hanuman Chalisa turned out to be the most requested song with over four requests in a minute. The close second was Baby shark with three requests per minute and the third position was held by famous Punjabi track Lamberghini.

Other important upticks included users confessing their love to Alexa in which they said ‘Alexa, I love you,’ once every minute, reported a news agency. Echo users also asked "Alexa, will you marry me?" every second minute in 2019. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, such confessions and proposals are expected to rise sharply.

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'Alexa, kaisi ho?'

People even shared pleasantries with the AI device and tried to have a proper conversation. Users asked, "Alexa, how are you?" 8 times per minute and "Alexa, kaisi ho?" every minute. But the conversation and messages have not been one-sided as Alexa sent out daily messages for children on behalf of Santa Claus during Christmas.

When users asked the device a question, Alexa asked whether he/she would like to hear an update from Santa. “Ho ho ho, I'm so looking forward to Christmas. I will be starting my daily Christmas update very soon so make sure you come back if you love Christmas, come back tomorrow for another Christmas update,” the device was heard saying. 

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Netizens also creatively use 'Alexa' as captions for their post asking her to play different songs depending on the mood. Take a look at what netizens are currently asking Alexa to do:

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