Australia: Bottle Shop Staff Uses Pallet Of Beer To Lock Thieves Inside Cold Room

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Staff at a bottle shop in Perth, Australia used a pallet of beer to barricade three would-be thieves in the cool room and police was immediately called.

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:

The staff at a bottle shop in Perth, Australia reportedly used a pallet of beer to barricade three would-be thieves in the cool room. According to international media reports, the three men were seen coming into the Thirsty Camel and were later locked in the cool room as the staff thought that they looking a bit suspicious. The staff immediately took action and placed a pallet of beer in front of the door to block the trio's way out and phoned the police once they were trapped inside. 

While speaking to an international media outlet, staff member James said that as soon as the three men came in they knew that they were a bunch of 'weasels'. James further said that the would-be robbers made a beeline for the cool room and once they were inside he and his colleague used a pallet of beer to block them from getting out. The men then quickly knew that there was no way out and started banging against the door until it broke off its hinges, James added. 

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According to reports, the men later also threw whatever they could at the staff members and took off with nothing. James while speaking to the media outlet said that this was the third time in five weeks that people have tried to steal something from the shop and that is why the staff got inventive with their crackdown on the behaviour. James further said that the earlier burglary has also led to thieves stealing things up to $1,000 worth of products from their store. 

Thirsty Camel general manager Niall Burke further told the international media outlet that the staff wasn't scared once the thieves left the store. He also informed that around 10 to 20 cases of beer were broken during the robbery attempt. 

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Woman gets back at thieves

In another incident, a Colorado woman found a clever way to get back at the thieves after her package got stolen several times. While talking to an international media outlet, Christine Hyatt said that she was left furious after around 20 packages were stolen from her porch. To teach the thieves a lesson she decided to give them a taste of their own medicine as she packed the garbage in the carton boxes. 

She reportedly said that she forgot to set trash out for Thanksgiving so she decided to pack fill the empty cartons with all sorts of garbage and wrapped them for the thieves. From food trash to cat litter, Hyatt left the box filled with trash outside her porch. Interestingly, the thieves fell prey to her bait.

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