Australia: 'Public Health Emergency' Declared In Sydney Over Bushfire

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Doctors in Australia issued a Public Health Emergency after there was a sudden hike in the number of people visiting the casualty section due to air pollution.

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:

The doctors in Sydney issued a warning on December 16, after there was a sudden hike in the number of people visiting the casualty section. After the devastating bushfires, Australia's biggest metropolitan city is reportedly facing ‘Public Health Emergency’ due to the smoke in the air which has choked the city for the past several weeks.

City covered under cloud of smoke

The climate change caused the bushfires in Australia which have left the city covered under the cloud of smoke. On Monday, 20 medical teams in collaboration with the Royal Australasian Faculty of Physicians initiated a joint assertion in order to catalyze the administrative authorities to take the necessary steps in order to handle the poisonous air which is choking the people of Sydney and other parts of Australia. 

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Local weather and Wellbeing Alliance announced a public health emergency in New South Wales after the deteriorating air quality index. It further said that the level of pollution is ten times the bottom ‘hazardous’ degree. And it is particularly dangerous as it consists of PM2.5 particles that are responsible for breathing problems.

According to the New South Wales health department, there was a 48 per cent increase in the number of people visiting the hospital with respiratory disorders as compared to the records of the last five years. The number increased to 80 per cent of December 10 when the air quality dropped to its worst as 20,000 people marched across the streets of Sydney demanding the governments to take immediate actions with respect to degrading air quality index. 

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The Climate and Health Alliance further asked the government to cut off high levels of emissions as the bushfires are being fuelled by climate change, which in turn has a pernicious impact on human life. There is an urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which are a major contributing factor in climate change leading to bushfires. People are majorly facing respiratory disorders and breathing problems. People suffering from heart or respiratory issues have been advised to stay indoors. 

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