Australia Launches New Tourism Campaign To Attract Britishers Tired Of Brexit

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Australia has released a new ad campaign that is aimed at Britishers who are frustrated with Brexit and just want to enjoy a laid back Down Under Holiday.

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

Australia has just launched a new tourism ad campaign in a bid to attract weary British tourists who might want to take a break from the woes of the impending Brexit. The three-minute advertisement starring singer Kylie Minogue puts forward a laid-back Down Under holiday and was played for the first time ahead of the queen's televised Christmas Day address to the citizens.

A 'Down Under' Holiday

The video opens up with Minogue allegedly at Sandringham, the country home for the royal family and then the pop star appears on an Australian beach which bears the same name. The video references Brexit in a subtle matter quite a few times. According to a statement by Tourism Australia, the entire campaign cost $10 million and was the largest investment made by the tourism department targeting Britain in over a decade.

The marketing agency that is heading up the campaign says that the light-hearted musical video is supposed to contrast time of grim uncertainty in the United Kingdon. The ad campaign comes at a time when the British populace is preparing for the Brexit and also when Australia has been ravaged by severe bushfires.

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Meanwhile, as bushfires rage across Australia with temperature over 40-degree Celcius and in some places near to 50 degrees, citizens grapple with the decision to leave or stay in their homes. As per news reports, several veterans who have an emotional attachment with their houses are refusing to leave their houses even when the fires approach.

Though the fires are fatal, many people choose to stay to defend their properties at considerable risk. Winds and temperature fueled the fires on December 21 and fires swept through the town of Balmoral, located just a couple of kilometres from Yanderra, prompting New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian to declare to the media that there was “not much left”. Many social media users after seeing the tourism video commented on the stark contrast between the clear waters and blue sky shown in the video and the grim ground reality. 

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