Baby Elephant Stuck In Mud Gets Eaten Alive By A Pack Of Hyenas, Mother Dies Days Later

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Recently, a series of pictures took the internet by storm which featured a baby elephant being feasted alive by a pack of savage hyenas. Here is what happened:

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With billions of people using social media every day, several things go viral on the internet for good reasons. From heartwarming stories of people helping each other to several funny memes, people enjoy a wide range of content on the internet. Recently, a series of pictures stormed the internet, in which one can see a pack of hyenas devouring on a baby elephant. While social media users across the world expressed their thoughts on nature's cycle, many people are wondering how the baby elephant fell prey to the hyenas. Here are all the details:

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Baby elephant stuck in mud gets eaten by a pack of hyenas

A series of pictures from the Mana Pools National Park, which is set on the plains of Zimbabwe, set the internet talking about nature's food chain, which featured a pack of hyenas feasting on a baby elephant, who was stuck in the mud. As seen in the photographs shared by Jens Cullmann, the hyenas tore off the baby’s leg as they attacked it overnight, while the mother desperately threw mud over her head in an attempt to scare off the predators. The mum elephant then slowly starved to death lying next to the rotting corpse of her baby and was eaten by marauding vultures in Mana Pools National Park. The horrifying scene was captured by wildlife photographer Jens Cullman, who hails from Germany.

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Cullman returned to the site to picture the plight of the helpless mother and baby. Reportedly, Cullman kept returning to the site to photograph the last days of the mother, as she slowly succumbed to dehydration. The last time Jens saw her was when the mother elephant was surrounded by flock vultures, patiently waiting for her to breathe her last. The stricken female later died, when an attempt to rescue her was made. Reportedly, Jens Cullman spotted the mother and baby elephant when he was out on a morning walk in the park. 

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