Baby Koala Clings On Dog Mistaking It For Mother, Netizens In Awe

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A video of a baby koala clinging to the back of a dog has gone viral as Koala joey mistook the dog to be its mother. Netizens give mixed reactions to the video.

Written By Bhavya Sukheja | Mumbai | Updated On:
Baby koala

A video of a Koala joey clinging to the back of a dog has gone viral as the baby Koala mistook the dog to be its mother. The owner of the spaniel, Henry told an international media outlet that it's quite common to see Koalas in Stirling, Adelaide, which is roughly 16 kilometers from the city center, however, he claimed that he has never seen a baby Koala cling to a dog before. Henry kept filming the incident although the dog named Tony kept trying to shake off the Koala from his back. The adorable video has received thousands of likes and comments.

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Netizens left in awe

While some netizens found the video “cute” and “adorable”, there were others who were concerned for the baby Koala as well. One internet user commented saying, “Very cute, poor doggo is so confused but I really hope Mamma Koala is around somewhere and rescued her baby”. Another commented, “Yeah, ok, so it looks cute but the filming continued way too long. If that was my doggo, I wouldn't have been filming this, I would have gotten the poor little koala off of my poor doggo and put the koala in a safe place until Koala rescue came to take care of it. I feel bad for the poor doggo who was obviously stressed”.

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Henry also posted another video where the Koala is seen climbing a tree and presumably returning to his real mother. Henry reportedly claimed that the dog had since recovered from the unusual encounter and further added that Tony was too old for these kinds of shenanigans. 

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