Bizarre Video Showing Cats With Strangely Human Faces Breaks Internet

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Bizarre video shows cats with strangely human faces bred to look like that by Russian cat breeder Tatyana Rastorguevawho has made cats her life and loves them.

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:
Bizarre video

An unsettling video has surfaced that shows various cats that have strangely human faces. These cats as seen in the video have been bred by Tatyana Rastorgueva from Russia. The animal liver and felinologist have been involved with breeding cats since 2002 according to local media sources.

Cats have been bred to look that way

Tatyana believes that cats are her calling and that they have now become a part of the lives. She has always loved cats and all animals but only became involved with cat breeding in 2002 ad decided to work with Maine Coons (a specific breed of cat) since 2004.

The two cats that Tatyana stated that she uses for breeding is Vatican that is the father cat and Lucien that is the mother. According to Tatyana, every breeder has his/her own methods and process of breeding cats. They select the cats that they think have the traits that are important to them and they believe to be desirable. For Tatyana, that means cats with human-like faces with strong piercing eyes.

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In another bizarre news about a cat, an incident has come to light about a cat that has been living double lives in Mexico. one of the owners of the cat discovered that their cat Pixie was actually living two lives and was being cared for by two families. The cheating cat was discovered when the owner saw a new collar on the cat that she did not recognise after the cat had returned from his outdoor adventures. The two cat owners stayed in contact through notes and eventually discovered that the only lived a few blocks from one another. The two owners have amicably decided to share custody of Pixie or Haruarache and Mary even says that she does not feel upset by the infidelity but is glad that her cat has two loving homes when there are some that have none.

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