'Broom Challenge' Actually Linked To NASA? Find Out Here If It Actually Defies Gravity

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Broom challenge has people standing their brooms upright in a way that it aligns itself perpendicular to the floor, it is supposed to be based on NASA's claims.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:
broom challenge

A new challenge has taken Twitter by storm as users are flooding social media with pictures of their brooms defying gravity. The popular challenge started after a viral tweet made an unusual claim online. The Tweet said that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced Monday that people will be able to stand their brooms upright due to planetary alignment, if they try, the broom will align itself perpendicular to the floor.

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Scientific evidence points to 'NASA claims'

Several users perched on Twitter to share the pictures and videos where they can be seen holding their brooms, and then walking away leaving the brooms standing up. The pictures are posted as the scientific evidence to the said claims made by NASA. Some users captioned the pictures saying the earth’s gravitational pull was working on the brooms only that very day they tried and everyone must experiment it.

Users have been leaving hilarious responses on the photos of people taking up the broom challenge. Some users wrote that it wasn't rocket science, the brooms were meant to stand up all along.

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The challenge is trending on Twitter and tons of people are giving it a try confirming the veracity of the said false claims made by NASA. People have been bombarding Twitter with posts about brooms standing like it was a unique phenomenon.

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People are not deviating from cracking a joke or two after they have successfully completed the challenge. A user wrote in a caption, "now that I have stood my broom upright, I am waiting for it to start sweeping the ground on its own".  Another commented, "I am actually creeped out here by the fact that this even worked".

Meanwhile, NASA Astronaut Alvin Drew and Scientist Sarah Noble took to NASA's official handle on Twitter and joined the Broom Challenge. They confirmed that as per basic physics laws, the brooms are expected to stand upright every day and not just February 10 or any other day specifically on the calendar. NASA confirmed that any other claims about the broom were a hoax.

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