Group Of Furries Rescue Woman Being Assaulted By Her Boyfriend

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Furries heard the woman scream and call for help as she struggled to get out of the blue car while a man seated beside was throwing punches at her.

Written By Zaini Majeed | Mumbai | Updated On:

A bunch of furries draped in their animal costumes reportedly saved a woman from being assaulted and attacked by her boyfriend on the streets of San Jose, California. The anthropomorphic animal enthusiasts were reportedly attending a furry convention and were taking a break for smokes when they rescued a woman being harassed and hit by her partner.

According to the reports, the furries were outside on a purpose when they noticed a blue car, driven by a woman, pull over beside the pavement. They heard the woman scream and call for help as she struggled to get out while a man seated beside was throwing punches at her.

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They heard the woman scream in agony

DJ Robbie Ryans, a member of the furry community who was playing music at the event told the media that he and his friend were the first ones to get involved in the altercation when they heard the woman scream in agony. He said they forced to open the car door and grabbed the abuser. It was then, he added, that the rest of the furries from the convention joined the scrimmage pinning the attacker to the ground.

Ryans said that the fur suited heroes restrained the assailant until the police arrived at the scene and detained the 22-year-old Demetri Hardnett on charges of assault and domestic violence. The video of the furry conventioneers was posted online and the internet couldn’t appreciate the anonymous furries enough for their act of bravery and personal responsibility.

People lauded the efforts of one of the furry members, a pink dinosaur, that clutched the assaulter to the floor in order to save the woman. Some of the favorable reactions by the Twitterati glorified the flamboyant personalities of the furries, their costumes and masks and their act of protecting the women from the oppressor.


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