'Call Of Duty Modern Warfare's' New Map Deemed 'Unplayable' By Gamers

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'Call of Duty Modern Warfare's' new map Shipment has been deemed unplayable by fans as it suffers from several issues like spawn killing and small size.

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Call of Duty

The latest instalment in the Call of Duty franchise just released some free DLC content in the form of new multiplayer maps and mode, as well as returning classics like Shipment and Vacant. But after just a few days of play, fans and gamers have deemed the new Shipment map to be unplayable.

The new map has a lot of issues

The new maps that were a part a larger wave of free DLC content dropped on December 18. But excited fans were left disappointed and even angry at the fact that the new map suffered from some major issues such as a frantic and chaotic pace as well as severe spawning issues.

Disgruntled gamers took to Twitter to express their anger at the clearly rushed content. The main issue was that most of the players respawned in the middle of gunfights or near enemies and as a result were instantly killed without having a chance to do anything. One user who expressed his disappointment said that the map should be removed from the rotation and should be re-designed. Another user stated that Infinity Ward had completely ruined Shipment and made it unplayable.

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Clips have surfaced online of how the map can get really chaotic at times and how spawn killing is so common. The issue is also exasperated by the map's small size. Last month Infinity Ward had responded to complaints about another map by releasing a patch that fixed some of the problems. Call of Duty has been riddled with such problems, recently Infinity Ward finally patched the dreaded 725 shotgun after its week-long reign of terror. 

The 725 is a slug shotgun and a bug was allowing it to fire its slugs long distances making it essentially a sniper in the hands of skilled players. For weeks the game was full of people running with a scoper 725 shotgun trying to cross-map snipe players.

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