Canadian Tourist Mistaken For Australian PM Wears T-shirt Saying 'I Am Not Scott Morrison'

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A Canadian tourist visiting Gold Coast, Australia was repeatedly mistaken for Australian PM Scott Morrison. His son made him a funny t-shirt to keep him safe.

Written By Shubham Bose | Mumbai | Updated On:

Shawn McCormick, who is down in Goal Coast Australia to celebrate his son's graduation from University, has had a few people ask him whether he was Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison who was on a family vacation in Hawaii while parts of the country are burning due to unstoppable bushfires.

Mistaken identity

In order to keep people from mistaking their dad as the Australian PM, Shawn's son made him a funny t-shirt. While talking to local media, Shawn's son said that given the Australian PM's drop in popularity recently he decided to make him a t-shirt to keep his father safe. Shawn's son had his father take photos with surfers, policemen and even with him and his friends before his dad went back home. According to Keiran, Shawn's son, the comparisons between Shawn and Scott were first made when he arrived in Australia last year to begin his studies.

In related news, the teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has also joined the backlash faced by the Australian government for its failure to control the 'catastrophic' bushfires on December 22. Thunberg shared a clip by Australian news channel which showed the ring of fire around Sydney 'angry and frightening' saying that even such incidents have not brought about political action against the climate crisis. As Australia battles an unprecedented fire emergency and a record-breaking heatwave, the 16-year-old said 'this has to change now' and questioned, 'how is this possible?' while referring to the political leaders who 'fail' to see the connection between the climate crisis and severe weather condition.

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As bushfires rage amidst scorching temperatures across Australia, several animals have been reportedly dropping dead due to the extreme weather conditions. Unlike humans who have access to technology and easier access to water, animals are falling victims to temperatures as high as 50-degree Celcius. Several locals have posted photos on social media showing birds who have fallen from heat exhaustion. While some survived, some could not.

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