Kangaroo In Australia Spotted Taking A Dip In A Backyard Pool Amid Intense Bushfires

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The kangaroo filmed in the video was looking unharmed by the bushfire, however, it was definitely enjoying a nice dip inside the backyard pool in Hunter region.

Written By Vishal Tiwari | Mumbai | Updated On:

It's not just the Koalas that are facing danger in bushfire-ravaged Australia, the indigenous kangaroos are also troubled by the wildfires around them. A kangaroo was reportedly spotted cooling off inside a backyard pool amidst scorching heatwave in the country. While kangaroos are not known for their swimming skills, a family in the upper Hunter region of New South Wales filmed a 70 kg beast taking a dip in their swimming pool. 

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Temperatures in Australia are at an all-time high with some places recording the mercury touching the 42 degrees Celcius mark. The kangaroo filmed in the video was looking unharmed by the bushfire, however, it was definitely enjoying the nice dip inside the backyard pool. Because of bushfires across Australia, wild animals like koalas, kangaroos, and flying fox are often spotted seeking shelter in urban areas and especially near human enclosures. 

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According to an environmental group, more than 2,000 koalas lost their lives in the recent bushfires in Australia, which makes up to one-third of their habitat. Kangaroos are also facing a similar threat from bushfires as they are leaving jungles to come into urban areas. There are no official data to identify the number of animals killed in the recent wildfires. A sanctuary in the north of Sydney evacuated around 300 animals when flames approached the Walkabout Wildlife Park. 

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The video is gaining a lot of attention on social media and has since been watched over 18,000 times, at the time of publishing this article. The video is garnering extreme reactions with some blaming the government for the poor situation of wild animals.

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