Cat Thinks Long And Hard Before Hitting Dog, Video Triggers Hilarious Reactions

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Cat is seen staring at the couch seated beside the dog thinking hard in a bid to attack him.The dog is flabbergasted at the cat for hitting him and retaliates.

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A video of a cat named Ruto the Bean has created a fresh stir online as a user shared a clip on Reddit where the feline can be seen pondering for extremely long whether she should take a swipe at a dog. The 36-second-long video shows the cat staring at the couch, seated beside the dog seemingly considering a bid to attack him.

The dog can be seen oblivious of the situation, seated comfortably and occasionally looking at the cat as if trying to decipher its intent. Within seconds, the cat raises a paw to hit the dog and starts a conflict.

The dog can be seen flabbergasted at the cat’s sudden attack and is clearly caught off guard. He can be seen staring at the cat as it pauses for a few seconds and then launches a fresh attack. Eventually, however, the dog retaliates in response.

The video depicts a brawl well planned by the cat and strategically while the dog was unaware, portraying the scheming nature of the felines. The users flooded the video with hilarious responses and felt sad for the innocent dog who was beaten up for nothing.

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The video garnered over 32,000 upvotes

The video was shared publicly, and it garnered over 32,000 upvotes as people continue to circulate the funny video. Some users wrote that the clip was side-splitting, while others sympathized with the dog, some pointed out at the roguish nature of the cat.

“From the look on the dogs face it deals with this a lot,” wrote a Reddit user. “Why are cats such selfish beings? Don’t want to be bothered yet love to bother everything in existence,” commented another. “This cat is about to hit me, and you’re laughing, you’re laughing", wrote a third in the comments.

The cat Ruto has an official account on Twitter where the owner posts videos from time to time. There are several images of the cat that delight the users on social media.

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