Celebrity Chef Sues Michelin Guide For Downgrading His Restaurant

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A Celebrity French chef has sued Michelin Guide after he was downgraded from three stars to two stars for what he alleges was a cheese mix up by the inspector

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Celebrity chef

According to reports, a celebrity chef has sued Michelin Guide, after he was stripped off one of his three stars without any clarity, his lawyer has revealed on September 24. The chef said that the Michelin inspector accused the chef of using cheddar instead of French Reblochon in a cheese souffle. The Michelin Guide is the industry standard for exotic cuisines.

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'Have been dishonoured'

As per the report, chef Veyrat said that he has been dishonoured and saw his team shedding tears, to have them (Michelin) call them one evening without warning or anything written, without anything and to say that's it's over. He wants a removal from Michelin Guide as he claims the inspector from Michelin guide had mistakenly assumed that the chef used British cheddar cheese instead of France's Reblochon cheese variety. He further adds that the act of removing a star from his restaurant had thrown him into mental depression and demanding that he be removed from the much-talked-about food guide. 

 Reportedly, his lawyer Emmanuel Ravanas is hoping that court will coerce Michelin to transfer documents to explain the exact reasons for stripping of the star, he stated that court hearing has been scheduled for 27 November in Nanterre. Ravanas further said that Marc Veyrat has been getting his cooking graded, reviewed and contrasted while being aware of the fact that one does not own a star for life and instead he accepts it all as long as the criticism is valid. 

The chef Marc Veyrat's La Maison des Bois restaurant in French Alps mountains was downgraded from three to two stars in January this year which is a year after it got the highest level of three stars.

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About the Chef and Michelin's reaction

The 69-year-old Marc Veyart has garnered popularity for his botanical cooking in which he makes use of herbs found in the wild scattered around his restaurants in his native area of Haute Savoie. All three of his restaurants obtained three stars. Veryat has been considered as one of the best chefs in the world and has obtained a total of nine stars, to his credit he is the first cook to get the perfect grade of 20/20 in the Gault-Millau guide. The third star for his restaurant in 2018 was a resurgence of sorts when he was forced to give up cooking ten years ago after meeting with a skiing accident. 

Reportedly, Michelin in a statement has said that they understand the regret for Mr Veyrat, whose talent people do not question, even they showed concern on his unsubstantiated insistence with his allegations. The statement further said that it is their first duty to tell customers as to why they changed their recommendation and they will study his wishes and respond in a calm way. 

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