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Hong Kong Leader Says China's National Security Law Comes Into Effect On June 30

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has said on June 30 that the national security law would come into effect by the same day after Chinese President signs the bill.

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After the signing of the controversial national security bill by Chinese President Xi Jinping, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam has said on June 30 that the law would come into effect by the same day. Irrespective of the constant criticism and world leaders raising concerns over the newly-passed law threatening the autonomous nature of the former British colony, China has passed the law. Hong Kong’s chief executive Lam has said that the government ‘will complete the necessary procedure for publication by gazette as soon as possible’ and added that the ‘national Security Law will come into effect later’ on June 30 (local time).

Since the United Nations also raised its concerns over China’s advancement on the city, Lam has reportedly told the peace-keeping body to respect the government’s right to protect the national security. Moreover, the city’s leader also assured that the new security law will only target the “small minority”. But according to an international media agency, Beijing has said that the legislation would be a “sword” hanging over the heads of those who pose a threat to the security of the nation. Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office reportedly said that the law will protect the freedom of the vast majority. 

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Details of new security law

Marking the most significant change in former British colony’s freedom since it came under Chinese rule in 1997, Beijing had previously said that the draft included a new national security office for the city with an agenda to put together the intelligence and handle criminal activities against the national security. The Chinese media also reported that the new controversial legislation which is now a law is aimed to tackle the separatist activity, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with the forces of the foreign countries. According to reports, administrative bodies in the city ranging from finance to immigration will be directly answerable to the central government in China. 

Amid several concerns budding from China passing the draft of controversial national security law for Hong Kong, a US-based Christian watchdog has pointed out that it also has put the city’s pastors in danger. According to International Christian Concern, the religious leaders in the former British colony along with pro-democracy activists now face a 'risk' of being extradited to the mainland for trial. The body also predicted in the statement released last week that the legislation “would be passed and further erode the city’s human rights and freedoms”. 

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