Community Halloween Post Against 'Cheap' Candy Goes Viral

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A post shared on a community page went viral which is motivated by the way candies are delivered to houses during Halloween

Written By Pragya Puri | Mumbai | Updated On:

A post shared on a community page went viral which is motivated by the way candies are delivered to houses during Halloween. The post was written by Kevin Flanagan last month giving his precious piece of advice on candy selection. His biggest concern that the post highlighted is cheap candy that is consumed by children. 

Increase in 'cheap' candy on Halloween

In the post, Kevin Flanagan wrote, “Halloween is officially 6 weeks away, and I was hoping to catch you all before you make your candy selections”. He reflected that over the last three Halloweens, he has observed an increase in the amount of cheap candy in his son’s candy stock. He said that “I don’t know if this trend is the result of the referendum, high water bills, or even the construction, but cheap candy has somehow infiltrated our community for Halloween and it has to stop.” Flanagan gives a list of candy that should not be permissible in his neighborhood. “Dum Dums, Smarties, and Jolly Ranchers may be suitable” for other neighboring suburbs, Northlake, Villa Park and Addison, to name a few - “but not here in Elmhurst,” he said. 

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Concerns and problems faced by the trick and treaters

Flanagan argued that there should be a standard provision that needs to be followed for the andy distribution on Halloween. He asked people to purchase a standard sized candy bar, instead of a fun size. It is important that the houses provide trick and treater with a standard size bar when they come to ask for candy. He goes further mentioning the elderly people who “hand out coins,” urging them to step up their game. Flanagan believes it is a calculated loss to the trick or treaters, they probably would have received more “if they had just skipped your house,” he said. The post further claims that the parents should keep a check on the candy distribution in the suburbs. Clearly the post highlights the concerns and problems faced by the trick and treaters. Flanagan wrote, “Once you’re marked and listed on the map, you might as well turn off the lights and stop celebrating Halloween!”.

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Netizens reactions to Flanagan’s post

A lot of people on Facebook shared the post. Flanagan was shocked to see such a response, he said that he is known for writing satirical posts and comments in the group, but none have received the attention - both good and bad - that his Halloween posting garnered. However, some people got offended as well, receiving hateful messages on Social media. 

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