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Coronavirus Outbreak: Three Women Create Panic After Deliberately Coughing On Streets

Coronavirus pandemic has increased the fear among people, forcing everyone to stay isolated but Scotland's Govanhill does not seem to abide by the rules.

Coronavirus: Govanhill women spread panic on streets during lockdown

The world has turned upside down after the recent coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. Following strict lockdown and travel restrictions, people have resorted to staying inside their homes, in an attempt to fight COVID-19. Strict precautionary measures are being continuously carried out by people, including maintaining hygiene and social distance. While the world continues to be home quarantined and isolation, three women, on the other hand, completely ignored the precautionary measures by freely roaming outside, and on top of that, coughing loudly when anybody crossed their path.

The unexpected act of the three ladies came after a lockdown was imposed on the entire country of the UK in order to fight against COVID-19. However, a few citizens from Govanhill were unable to comply with the rules that were imposed on them. The three ladies went around the streets of Govanhill, coughing at every person who passed them on the streets. Cough, being the main symptom of coronavirus, was being showcased, openly and deliberately, creating a situation of panic and worry for people around them.

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Not the first time

Govanhill, however, has gone through more such incidents of people not abiding by the rules imposed on them. Basic precautionary measures of maintaining social distance from each other have time and again been ignored by the residents of Govanhill. Scotland has seen a climb in the number of cases but where the cooperation of the citizens is expected, they do not seem to cooperate.

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