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Coronavirus Testing In Iceland Suggests 50% Of Cases Have No Symptoms

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Iceland is conducting large-scale testing for the novel coronavirus which has revealed that almost half are asymptomatic.

Large-scale testing in Iceland reveal important findings

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Iceland is conducting large-scale testing for the novel coronavirus According to reports, these large scale tests of the population by Iceland can really impact the world’s understanding of COVID-19. Experts have also claimed that comprehensive testing is key to controlling coronavirus. As per reports, even though fewer than 1 per cent of the people that have been tested came back positive, the study still showed that people who were asymptomatic, or mildly symptomatic have played an important role in spreading the virus.

Large-scale testing is key

As per reports, Iceland has tested more than 17,900 people for the virus as of March 31 and that number accounts for almost 5 per cent of its total population. The people in Iceland that have shown symptoms or have a high risk of contracting the virus have been tested by Iceland’s National University Hospital while its general population has been tested by a biopharma company deCODE Genetics.

According to reports, the government in a report claimed that the additional tests performed by deCODE have given positive indication the country’s efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus had been effective. The government in its report also claimed that further testing of the general population will show a much clearer picture of the actual spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Iceland.

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Iceland has not yet implemented drastic measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic like other nations in Europe have. The country has banned gathering of more than 100 people and has decided to close secondary and tertiary schools. According to reports, officials have claimed that large-scale testing and effective contact tracing is one of the key reasons a lockdown has not even been considered in Iceland.

Iceland has reported 1,220 positive coronavirus cases but has suffered only two deaths. The deadly coronavirus pandemic that began in China late last year has infected 937,941 people around the globe and caused the deaths of 47,273 people worldwide so far.

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