Russia: Elephants Escape Circus To Roll And Cavort In Snow

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Residents of  Yekaterinburg, Russia were astonished to see some elephants escaping from a circus for a day and wandering the snow-covered streets in Russia.

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Residents of  Yekaterinburg, Russia were astonished to see some elephants escaping from a circus for a day and wandering the snow-covered streets in Russia's third-largest city. As per the reports, attempts were made to bring them back but one of the female elephants crossed a busy street and moved towards a residential complex on January 23. A man who tried to stop her by holding on to her trunk was pushed across the street with his feet sliding on the ice.

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Elephants escape to have fun in snow

The authorities of the local circus said the two elephants, Karla and Ranni belonged to an Italian company that conducted the show in Yekaterinburg during the New Year holidays. They said when the crew tried to load the animals into the truck to head to the next destination, the elephants resisted and walked away. The circus crew said that Ranni roamed around the loading point but Karla decided to have fun in the snow. They finally tied a rope around one the elephant’s front legs and pulled her back while she reluctantly came back after playing in the snow. 

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Elephant strolls in hotel

A video of an elephant strolling casually in the hotel without a prior check-in has had the internet’s sides splitting. The mammoth can be seen meandering in the lobby of a hotel in Sri Lanka in a bid to explore the place as he can be seen advancing from one room to the other. The video has been shared by one of the guests in the hotel. In the video, the animal can be seen inspecting the lamp and other objects in the lobby with its trunk. He goes further nudging a stand placed right by shattering it on the ground.

The video has shocked the internet and some of the users have made hilarious remarks regarding the incident. One user wrote that the elephant perhaps was guilty of knocking the stand to the floor, however, it’s understandable and the users will forgive him. Another witty user pointed out that the elephant was tiptoeing in order to maintain the silence and not want to disturb the guests. Seemed like the elephant was fully aware that he was the guest uninvited amongst them.

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