Here's A List Of Incredible Animals That Broke The Internet In 2019

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As the world is just hours away from entering 2020, many animals including a gorilla fleeing raindrops, a cannibalistic snake and a thieving snake became viral.

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As the world is just hours away from entering 2020, many animals including a gorilla fleeing raindrops, a cannibalistic snake and a thieving snake became an internet sensation. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Reddit were filled with some 'savage' animal videos and some 'weird' videos. Here is a list of animal videos which went viral in 2019:

Gorillas avoiding raindrops

Back in the month of March, the gorillas at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Columbia went viral as they tried to take shelter from the rain. In the video, one could see the group of gorillas huddling beneath an overhand as rain pelted the outdoor enclosure. One gorilla can also be seen hugging the wall of the overhand in an effort to stay dry.

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Snake eating another snake

A video of a venomous coral snake eating another snake which is attacked by a wasp took the internet by storm. In the video, one can see an eastern coral snake biting into what appeared to be a dead rat snake as the two serpents hung in a rose bush. Later in the video, a wasp also lands on the coral snake, and moments later the reptile began to thrash about wildly to shoo away the stinging insect. 

Seagull steals lobster roll 

Another animal that took the internet by storm was a seagull. Back in June, a woman visiting York, Maine was about to try her first-ever lobster roll when a seagull swiped the delicacy right out of her. Alicia Jessop, Pepperdine University professor said that she was just about to take her first bite of the pricey sandwich, however, a seagull swiped through and stole. She was even able to click a photo of the incident with a scenic spot with the Nubble Lighthouse in the background. 

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Bear in a dumpster

Sheriff's deputies in Northern California helped free a huge black bear named 'T-shirt', who was found trapped inside a dumpster while pursuing a meal in November. According to reports, the bear was named 'T-Shirt' because of a white patch of fur on his chest. The footage shared on Twitter instantly became an internet sensation. 

Goat breaks into home, naps in the bathroom 

Another animal that became viral was a goat named 'Big Boy'. Back in October, an Ohio teenager came home from his school when he found a sliding door shattered, a vile stench in the air and a bizarre guest in napping on the bathroom floor. "There're all these awful stories in the world and people need this,” Jennifer Keathley told The Associated Press after her 18-year-old son Logan called to tell her about the surprise guest. 

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