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Hippopotamus Breaks In To Lounge In Family's Pool; Leaves 100kg Droppings

A homeowner was shocked to find a three-tonne hippo lounging in his swimming pool in Maun, Botswana. on New Year's Eve. The hippo proved to not be a threat


A homeowner was shocked to find a three-tonne hippo lounging in his swimming pool in Maun, Botswana, on New Year's Eve. Brent Reed, a safari company director, posted photos of the hippo lounging in his pool. While speaking to an international media outlet, Reed said that the animal was a large male and because the Thamalakane River has dried up, the pool was probably the most inviting place for the hippo to stay. 


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Reed also told the media outlet that the Hippo left more than 100kg of droppings. He further added that there is always a danger with hippos - especially given the strength of their snappy jaws which are fully capable of crushing even crocodiles (not that crocodiles are prey for hippos) -  however, he said that the giant male hippo didn't show any signs of aggression. Reed also shared a picture of his 11-year-old son gazing at the huge animal which was completely unfazed by their presence. 

Hippos are increasingly threatened by environmental degradation and the loss of watering holes, as they require to remain in water for some period of time each day to remain cool.

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Sea Lion enter hotel swimming pool

In another similar incident, a sea lion that was identified as a Galapagos sea lion, was seen taking a dip in a hotel swimming pool in Ecuador. Sea lions are known to be capable of diving to the depths of 600 yards and can stay underwater for as long as 10 minutes. The animal seemed to have wandered off from its natural home the harbour in the Galapagos Islands and decided to surprise a safari expedition group while they were finishing their meal at a seaside hotel in Puerto Ayora in Ecuador. 

The sea mammal, completely oblivious to the stunned guests, decided to take a dip at the hotel swimming pool. After struggling to climb over the fence, the sea lion waddled its way to the pool to take its much-deserved dip into the water. The clip that was posted on November 7, quickly went viral as netizens were as enamoured by the adorable sea creature as the crowds in the background of the video were, who can be heard laughing. 

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